Movies This Week: Evaru, Ambili, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood worth checking out!

PUBLISHED DATE : 19/Aug/2019

Movies This Week: Evaru, Ambili, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood worth checking out!

This week's film releases offer the perfect cornucopia of options for viewers across languages. While some of these movies offer better content, the others are not that bad either. A detailed look into the movies this week:

  • Comali (Tamil) : A film that centers around Jayam Ravi who wakes up from his comatose after 14 years and tries to cope with the bridge between his past and present, Comali is an above-average comedy entertainer that misses the mark by a midge. (Review Here)

  • Kurukshetra (Tamil/Kannada) : Loosely based on Duryodhana's story from the Indian epic Mahabharata, Kurukshetra stars Kannada star Darshan, Arjun, Sneha, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood among others. The movie has been deemed an average watch especially because of its low-quality visuals. 

  • Once Upon A Time in Hollywood (English) : Quentin Tarantino directed period Hollywood movie comes with the story of a 60s TV star (Leonardo Dicaprio) losing his sheen and how he and his 'body double' (Brad Pitt) try to stay afloat in an industry as chaotic as Hollywood. The movie is a Tarantino show all the way and is told with sprinkles of real-life recreations like the Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie) murder. (Review Here)

  • Ranarangam (Telugu) : A story of a gangster who has moved to Spain to live a peaceful life until his past comes haunting, Ranarangam stars Sharwanand, Kalyani Priyadarshan and Kajal Aggarwal among others and has garnered mixed reactions this week. 

  • Evaru (Telugu) - While the Hindi movie Badla was an official remake of The Invisible Guest, Evaru seems to be inspired by it and follows the case of an alleged rape victim (Regina Cassandra) murdering the perpetrator. The movie has been praised for the edge-of-the-seat thrills it provides till the very end and tops our recommendation list this week.

  • Mission Mangal (Hindi): Based on the true story of how ISRO scientists ended up sending the country's first satellite to the orbit of Mars, the movie tells the story of how two scientist Rakesh and Tara overcome constraints and come up with a team and plan to execute a far-fetched reality. The movie however barely scrapes the details of the mission and that along with an extremely simple narration keeps the movie from grabbing the top spot. (Review Here

  • Batla House (Hindi) : This John Abraham starrer is based on the controversial encounters of alleged terrorists at the Delhi Batla house and chronicles the case without taking any sides. The movie has been deemed a decent watch. 


Other film releases this week include the Tamil drama Puli Adichan Patti and Ambili (Malayalam) a film originally from August 9, 2019, is about Soubin Shahir's titular character his innocent view of life. The renders a heart-warming tale which warrants a watch in theaters. 

MC Pick : Evaru, Ambili, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

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