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Ambili eventually is a film with a heart, go watch it if in the mood for a simple feel good film.

It is pretty clear from the very beginning that Johnpaul George is not on a mission to enlighten us in any fashion. The writing style adopted by him clearly is that of a leisurely sort and so is the execution on screen as well. The film is in no tearing hurry to convey a point, so this could be a sp...(more)

Source: Sethumadhavan, MovieCrow


An emotional journey that has its heart at the right place

Ambili is an emotional journey that has its heart at the right place. It's an honest attempt that needs to be appreciated. (more)

Source: Moviebuzz, Sify.com


Ambili review

Despite being predictable or familiar, Ambili ultimately offers you endearing happiness. The intention is to be a feel-good entertainer and the movie is indeed a success in that aspect. Seeing all those beautiful visuals along with soulful music and a sweet Ambili at the center of it, I don't think ...(more)

Source: ASWIN BHARADWAJ S, Lenmenreviews


Love personified

Set mostly in high range, Ambili has a cheerful colourtone. Since it is a road movie, the landscape keeps changing, providing a visual treat to the audience. The cinematographer has captured the locations in their essence. Another highlight is Vishnu Vijay's music and the signature Njan Jackson alla...(more)

Source: ELIZABETH THOMAS, Deccan Chronicle


Soubin Shahir wins our hearts, smiles and laughs

Though the film's final scene doesn't say it out loud, it's obvious that it is not concerned with seeking a conventional resolution but rather delivering an experience worth cherishing, like the road trip Ambili takes with Boby. Like Ambili, it wants us to embrace our child and not worry about what ...(more)

Source: Sajin, The New Indian Express

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