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A middling comedy that becomes preachy

The premise ensures that Comali is adequately entertaining right from the word go. The first half in fact races ahead. It is what you would call an easy watch till this point. You are not laughing out loud but the smiles are rather consistent. Jayam Ravi keeps it simple and Yogi Babu is effective in a rather sudbued avatar. Plot driven comedies have become a rarity in Tamil cinema these days and this makes Comali more enjoyable than it probaby is. It is when the film decides to get a little emotional and preachy that it starts losing its grip over us. Wanting to tell a message is never an issue but having the hero sort of directly deliver the message like a speech to us is. (more)

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Jayam Ravi and Yogi Babu's chemistry bolsters Comali, an entertaining film with a good mix of fun and emotions.

The Chennai flood scenes are executed well and have a good connection to the story's emotional climax. Jayam Ravi's acting in the important pre-climax might remind you the Santhosh Subramanian scene with Prakash Raj, but the actor had delivered the emotional scenes really well that makes you ignore the minor logical loopholes and enjoy the ride. Overall, Director Pradeep Ranganathan delivers a consistently lighter film that is powered by some noteworthy filmmaking touches.(more)

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Jayam Ravi carries a largely lighthearted film on his shoulders, as both a student and a joker

Comali is packaged as a jolly-feel-good entertainer, laced with emotions and nostalgia. The crackling onscreen bonding between Ravi and Yogi makes it enjoyable to a large extent.(more)

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Jayam Ravi's film is a formulaic entertainer with few good laughs

Comali borrows a very interesting premise (without giving credit to the original) and hardly does anything with it. It could have made a really fun film out of the idea but all that it manages to do is to tread a very predictable path of romance and redemption. Throw in a needlessly preachy climax to make the experience even more horrible. One of the biggest problems with the film is that it isn't sure till the end whether it wants to be an adult comedy, a romantic drama or a drama on humanity. The story had the scope to be funnier but Comali holds itself back and that's one of the reasons why it never works on the whole.(more)

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An entertaining first half didn't have an equally engaging latter half because of some melodramatic scenes.

Yogi Babu does score big in a few scenes - he bring the house down and complements the humour scenes with Ravi. Samyuktha and Ananthi are convincing in their characters. Kajal's characterisation and Shah Ra's over the top performance in some scenes should have dealt with in a better way. KS Ravikumar, who appears in two looks, aptly fits the bill in the role of a dreaded politician. (more)

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Go for this timepass entertainer with a few strong messages

The screenplay fails to capitalize on the novel premise of a coma patient waking up after several years. The first half struggles to move forward and the second half suddenly takes an entirely different path leaving the audience in a confused state and the novelty of the film is lost in the bargain. Jayam Ravi's hard work is almost nullified by the inconsistency in his characterization like for example one moment he learns to use the Facebook and a few scenes later do not know what the internet is capable(more)

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This Jayam Ravi comedy is a winner

Comali is an out-and-out mindless entertainer. But it somehow manages to hit the right chord on several counts. It deserves to be appreciated for its effort to repose people's faith in the goodness of human beings. It is also sort of reminds us where we come from and the things we have lost in the name of progression.(more)

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Jayam Ravi, Yogi Babu hit jackpot in a convoluted film

The hugely debated scene about Rajinikanth's political announcement speech is now replaced with a partyman making false claims about solving the Cauvery water crisis. If any political party takes offence to this scene, you know whom to blame.(more)

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This Jayam Ravi Starrer Makes For Good Watch

Comali is a reasonably engaging movie that makes a solid impact. It should click with the target audience.(more)

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Jayam Ravi Stars In A Badly Written Comedy�Or Drama�Or Heist Thriller�Or Something

The bulk of Comali, strangely, is a badly written drama. I was puzzled when the film began with lectures about caste and the need to be there for someone (even if you can't really do anything for them). Pradeep Ranganathan is really serious about this angle. It's hard to classify this severely underwhelming film because the director himself isn't sure what he's making(more)



The Good, Bad & Ugly Reminders Of The 90s

Unsurprisingly, the engaging parts of the film belong to the portions that are set in the present � the 'controversial' scene featuring Rajini finds an unobtrusive mention � and not to those recreations of the past. Not everything old needs to be relived or celebrated (the good memories have already been splashed over every other media) � especially not the sleaze.(more)

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An interesting premise fails to bear fruit

By the end of the film, the posturing goes up several levels as Ravi gets assistance from those around him. Of those few people, there's a Christian, a Muslim, a �Singh�� You get the idea. Even a tree comes to the rescue of the hero. Nobody comes to yours though.(more)