Jada Review - This mishmash of genres results in a wavering outcome!

PUBLISHED DATE : 06/Dec/2019

Jada Review - This mishmash of genres results in a wavering outcome!


Jada - This mishmash of genres results in a wavering outcome!
Bharath Vijayakumar
Jada starts with Nizhalgal Ravi's voice over explaining the origin of football. He then goes on to explain that there are two versions - elevens and sevens. Jada is about the sevens version is what we are told. That is what we begin to see as well, before the film decides to shift genre midway.

For a major portion of the first half Jada keeps you reasonably engaged. The romance and comedy hardly make an impact. They weren't needed in the first place but even if the filmmaker is having them as a part of a checklist, isn't some care needed to integrate them with the plot or at least make them entertaining. But the football portions are better and they look real and raw. The film's best portion involves Kishore and you see the difference an able actor can bring about.
The biggest issue with Jada is that it can never decide on what type of film it wants to be. The initial half hour is generic with romance and comedy. The film then focusses on football and some genuine interest is built up as the focus shifts to a tournament that is supposed to be deadly. Here again there is too much of talk about the dangers of the tournament  which is not guided by any rules. But none of this reflects in the matches.

The film shifts gear midway and we are suddenly watching ....well, a horror flick. Strange sounds start coming, objects start falling on their own and we have a haunted house. To be honest, the eerie mood is well established in these scenes but this is not something for which we invested our time in the first half. Again shifting genres is the prerogative of the filmmaker but it all has to come together at some point right. This is where Jada disappoints big time. The big reveal in the climax is silly, hardly touches you emotionally and you wonder what was all the fuss about.
The cinematography is good and the football matches are well shot. Technically the film is neat and is one of the reasons for it to remain afloat.

Jada is watchable at best. Imagine 3 scenarios. 1) Your nose itches and you scratch it with your fingers. 2) Your nose itches and you take your hand around your face and then scratch it. 3) You take your hand around your face and then scratch your nose though there wasn't an itch in the first place. The third scenario is what you feel like at the end of Jada. It wants to deliver a message but that comes through only from the dialogue in the climax and not from the film itself.

Rating: 2.25/5


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