Post 'Contractor' Storm, 'Nesamani' Vadivelu opens up about Imasai Arasan & Red Card controversy!

PUBLISHED DATE : 04/Jun/2019

Post 'Contractor' Storm, 'Nesamani' Vadivelu opens up about Imasai Arasan & Red Card controversy!


Comedian Vadivelu has been MIA in Tamil movies off-late and his brush with the makers of Imsai Arasan 24 AM Pulikesi and a supposed red-card issued by TFPC are believed to be the reasons behind the same. However, the actor who recently acquired world-wide recognition after a character (Contractor Nesamani) he played in an 18 year old movie was revived as a social-media trend, broke his silence on the same.

In lieu of this current trend, Vadivelu opened up about his rough patch for the first time to a YouTube channel and excerpts from what he said can be found here:

About Chimbu Devan

In Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi, the director was new (Chimbu Devan)..There was a scene where I had to walk both as Pulikesi ad Uthama Puhiran..If it were a big director, they would have told me how to walk, but this boy would simply smile and stand there even when I asked him to show me how to walk..Using my experience in body-language over the years, I completed that shot in one take..

There are directors who give reference and guide and there are directors who graciously leave it upto me saying, "Vadivelu can do this"..but here (referring to Chimbu Devan) someone who extracted work from me without teaching/guiding is now pompously stating "Without me you are nothing" and "Do only what I say"

About the Imsai Arasan 24 AM Pulikesi & Red-card controversy 

I have often stated that I am nothing without the director or producer which I feel has been taken by them in the literal sense..It is now being used against me is what I feel..Now, how do I counter-tackle this?..I think the reach of my memes is what has become a source of bother for some in the industry..that is why they have decided to not give me any more films..

Imsai Arasan 23AM Pulikesi was a super-hit film..If one has to follow-up that story, there should be technicians who worked on historical films in it..The costume designer was suddenly ousted because a commission was expected from him..I myself got involved in the development of the story with the director and by 2016 I was given an advance with an agreement that the film will be completed by December.

But he (Chimbu Devan) did not start the film saying Shankar wanted this changed and that changed..I told him if you are the director and Shankar is directing all the changes, then what is the point of having you..this got as exaggerated as the comedy I did once where I ask for water to drink and a wedding ceremony gets shortchanged because the middlemen think the groom is coming up with materialistic demands. 

I am neither bothered nor scared of these people who do 'Kattapanchayatu' in the name of resolving issues..If they allow me to act, I will else I will go in another route.

The actor who was seen in an upbeat mood concluded that he plans to make a comeback through digital platforms like Netflix, for which he sought the love and support of people.

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