Pray For Neasamani Talk of the Town! 'Contractor' Prefix the new 'Chowkidar'!

PUBLISHED DATE : 30/May/2019

Pray For Neasamani Talk of the Town! 'Contractor' Prefix the new 'Chowkidar'!


Archana Kalpathi (producer - AGS Entertainement) who has over the days kept Vijay fans updated on the proceedings of Thalapathy 63, took to twitter today to state that this might not be right time to ask for such updates.

She like many from the film industry has jumped on the #Pray_For_Neasamani bandwagon, a hashtag that trended worldwide last night reviving one of Vadivelu's iconic characters. [so much so that people are attempting at making 'Contractor' the new 'Chowkidar' case in point Tamil film editor T.S Suresh's twitter handle prefix]

Ever since social media started having fun with the hashtag, we have been witnessing crossovers, especially of films featuring Ramesh Kanna, Suriya and Vijay all of whom were at the spot of Neasamani's accident in 2001.

Other than Archana Kalpathy and T.S. Suresh, a few other celebrities and popular franchise handles too have had their share of fun, some examples of which can be seen below:
The fact that conversations like these still attract a huge audience, speaks volumes about the impact Vadivelu has left on-screen.

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