Movies This Week: Asuran ahead of Sye Raa, Joker in the ace game!

PUBLISHED DATE : 05/Oct/2019

Movies This Week: Asuran ahead of Sye Raa, Joker in the ace game!

A week of content/ entertainment, new movie releases this week were a delight for cine-goers in most languages. A detailed look into how these films have fared:

  • Joker (English): One of the earliest releases this week was this Joaquin Phoenix starrer, which is based on one of the most notorious villains in comic books' history. While the lead actors' performance has been hailed unanimously as 'award-worthy', the thriller-drama as such has garnered mixed opinions, especially for its disturbing content. (Review Here)


  • Asuran (Tamil): Another film with a dark-theme this week, Asuran brings back the celebrated Dhanush-Vetrimaaran combo in a story of caste-conflict and revenge. A must watch in theaters this week (Review Here)


  • 100 Percent Kaadhal (Tamil): A remake of 2011 Telugu film, this G.V. Prakash, Shalini Pandey starrer has opened to negative reviews especially because of its 8-year-old script. A story of two cousins in love (wonder when we will evolve from romance between blood-relatives), with ego acting as their villain, 100 Percent Kadhal hasn't had too many takers. (Review Here)
  • Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy (Telugu)A fictionalized version of the battle between Narasimha Reddy and the British, this epic biopic has garnered all the right responses. Chiranjeevi has been hailed for carrying the film almost solely on his shoulders and the film is worth watching in theaters this week. (Review Here)

  • Chanakya (Telugu): Gopichand starrer Chanakya which is the last of the films to release this week, comes with the story of a RAW agent going against two of the most deadly terrorists of the country. The movie has opened to negative responses.

  • War (Hindi): Another movie that hasn't done well this week in terms of content, War starring the long-awaited action-combo Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff has been criticized for focussing more on production than the story. The movie comes with ample Hollywood-esque stunts but little to keep you entertained. (Review Here)

MC Pick: Asuran, Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy

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