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An Intense And Violent Revenge Drama That Reiterates A Very Pertinent Message!

The Vettrimaran-Dhanush combo can make for a fascinating case study. It seems to work like a symbiotic relationship. While Vettri can make the type of films he wants to, Dhanush's presence helps in expanding the commercial reach of these films.Their films stand out because they are mainstream films that also eschew the typical checklist of a star vehicle. Asuran is probably their most simple film, in the sense that the plot is quite basic and there is no intention to toy you with any twists or surprises. But with astute film-making skills at display, Asuran is an example of how film as a medium can suck you in when you have a master craftsman at the helm. (more)

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Dhanush & Vetri Maaran's 'Asuran' is a dark and gripping drama about warring families. A must watch.

Asuran is an engaging watch with strong performances, interesting plot and an amazing emotional connect with the audience throughout.(more)

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A compelling action drama on caste and class

The assured storytelling (there is not a single wasted moment), combined with the solid filmmaking (Velraj's cinematography, in particular, is a highlight) and the fine performances, often have us on the edge of our seats. And the director gets another noteworthy performance from Dhanush, who is superb here. Playing a character who is older than his real age, the actor convincingly portrays the physicality of a 40-plus man. His limbs hang loose, his walk is a little slower paced and unsteady, and his speech has the tremors that age adds to our vocal chords. This should rank among his best performances.(more)

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Dhanush starrer is a riveting tale of revenge and redemption

Asuran, which has revenge as its core theme, is a film that also touches upon themes like class divide, caste and power politics. It also talks about how land is a symbol of identity for many people and most don't even mind sacrificing their lives for the sake of it. The film may not be groundbreaking as, say, Vada Chennai, but it still has moments that make up for some lull in the writing, especially in the second half when a flashback takes away the joy of the riveting first half.(more)

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Dhanush and Vetri Maaran gift another solid revenge drama

Even though violence is not the solution to any problem, you root for the characters when they slash the throats of the men who wronged them. It's the injustice that is meted to them that makes you support their behaviour. Asuran ends with a strong message, which will stay relevant for the years to come.(more)

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Solid in both, its craft and storytelling!

Asuran is a must-watch. Dhanush-Vetrimaaran combo who has once again delivered a raw, rustic and riveting revenge drama. Don't miss this one! (more)

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Dhanush, Manju Warrier deliver intense performances in Vetrimaran's riveting drama

The film belongs to Dhanush as his body language and voice modulation is in perfect sync with the character he plays. A big shout out to the actor and star for being brave to do the role of Sivasamy, something which his contemporaries would never do. But Vetrimaran has written the role and projected him in such a manner where the essential ingredient of Tamil cinema, 'heroism', comes out well. Asuran is one of the best films of the year, and a must watch. Vetrimaran keeps the flag of good cinema flying high.(more)

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Dhanush is terrific in this well-made revenge drama

Vetrimaaran has made challenging films in the past like Visaaranai, which received critical acclaim nationally and internationally. With Asuran, he proves he's one of the finest directors in Indian cinema, yet again. Only few filmmakers like him can pull off a mainstream cinema, balancing 'realism' and commercial elements.(more)

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Not Up To Vetri Maaran/Dhanush's Earlier Work, But Still Quite Good

Violence is practically a rite of passage. The screenwriting is cyclical, too � whatever happened in one generation finds echoes in the next.(more)



A highly recommended revenge drama with top-class performances and gritty filmmaking!

The message in the climax is meaningfully delivered summing the life of Sivaswamy and is the best way to end the film. Perhaps the only big negative factor that stands out in the film would have to be the flashback portions, which takes time to blend in with the overall plot.(more)

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A violent enthralling film from Vetri-Dhanush magic combo

Too much of violence, blood and gore is disturbing. However, Asuran imparts a relevant message and the well-made film combined with solid performance from the lead actors is not to be missed.(more)

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A bloody, gory and glorious revenge saga

Teejay Arunasalam (as Velmurugan) and Ken (as Chidambaram) are just the perfect fits for the role, and it is remarkable how Vetri Maaran gets his casting right every single time. One thing he did not get right was the dubbing. Save a few portions, the slang had to be reworked quite a few times by the actors, and it shows.(more)

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A Commentary On Caste And Violence Told As A Bloody Revenge Saga

This film makes some very interesting adaptation choices. Vetrimaaran builds on the beautiful canvas that is the novel, but Asuran, in many places feels like a new piece of work. It is almost Vishal Bhardwaj-esque. Watching the film, after reading the book, feels like dipping in and out of the novel, to wander off to the sides of the pages, filled with detours and notes. It starts where the novel starts, but goes back and forth, imagining what could have been.(more)

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