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Gopichand's inconsequential spy thriller wages war against human intelligence

When a spy drama is treated as a masala movie where characters openly challenge each other, you know it has landed in a quagmire. And we are sucked into it too. Two big thumbs down for this film.(more)

Source: Hemanth Kumar, Firstpost.com


Same old Thriller

Chanakya is a routine spy thriller which works in a strictly few areas. While the action and Gopichand lead from the front, dull narration and poor screenplay take the film down in no time. Even though the film looks stylish, there is nothing new you will see here in this action thriller. So, go in...(more)

Source: 123telugu Team, 123telugu.com


Gopichand, Mehreen Pirzada and Zareen Khan, give it their all, trying to make the shoddy material work.

By the time Gopichand's Arjun reveals in a throwaway dialogue why in the world the film is named Chanakya, the sigh that escapes one'6s lips is not of surprise but sheer exhaustion. Go watch this one at your own risk!(more)

Source: Neeshita Nyayapati, Times Of India


This mission is far from interesting

Want a smart home-grown spy thriller? Revisit last year's release, Goodachari. Or for a different dimension of Agents and their lives, there's also The Family Man web series. Chanakya had the opportunity to up the game and present something refreshing, but it squanders it away.(more)



A Lousy Thriller

"Chanakya" is a spy thriller made in a particular template with a weak screenplay. The villain keeps on saying expect the unexpected, but we don't get to such novelty here. (more)

Source: GreatAndhra, greatandhra.com

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