The Greatest of All Time: Vijay, Vijayakanth reunion planned through AI

PUBLISHED DATE : 16/Apr/2024

The Greatest of All Time: Vijay, Vijayakanth reunion planned through AI

The Greatest of All Time aka The GOAT is an upcoming sci-fi action thriller starring lead actor Vijay in dual roles. One of Vijay's characters is a younger version of the actor, as indicated in The GOAT's first look poster. While AI and other technological advancements are being used to showcase a younger Vijay, writer, director Venkat Prabhu seemingly also has plans of an AI reunion for Vijay.


Actor Vijay was just 19 years old when he got his big break by starring alongside late Tamil actor, politician Vijayakanth in Senthoorapandi (1993). Recently, Vijaykanth's surviving wife and the current chief of his political party, revealed in an interview about how the family has been approached for recreating Vijaykanth using AI in The Greatest of All Time


Talking to 'Galatta', Premalatha Vijayakanth has said, "I thought of what Captain would have said had he been with us. It was Captain who introduced Vijay in Senthoorapandi, and Captain had huge respect and great love for both Vijay and his father SA Chandrasekhar. That is why even when there were so many directors to work with, he chose to do 17 films with SA Chandrasekhar."


"If Captain (Vijayakanth) was alive, he would definitely agree for such a request..I also know (director) Venkat (Prabhu) since he was a child..(Actor) Vijay has said that he will meet me when the (2024 Indian General) elections are over, and I have promised to share good news with them about this”, the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) president added. 


Premalatha Vijayakanth has revealed that Venkat Prabhu has visited Vijayakanth's residence on a regular basis, and has been conducting talks with Vijayakanth's surviving sons on the same. It is likely that Vijaykanth's AI version will share screen space with the younger Vijay in The Greatest of All Time

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