Vulnerable Vijay attacked after paying Vijayakanth his last respect?

PUBLISHED DATE : 29/Dec/2023

Vulnerable Vijay attacked after paying Vijayakanth his last respect?

Videos of actor Vijay breaking down while paying his last respects to late actor, politician Vijayakanth have left a lot of fans heartbroken. DMDK founder and popular actor Vijaykanth died at the age of 71 at MIOT hospital on Thursday [December 28, 2023], and his mortal remains were kept for the public to pay respects the very same day. Wading a crowd of thousands, actor Vijay who has risen from a child actor to a lead debutant, to 'Ilayathalapathy' to 'Thalapathy' as he is known today in front of Vijayakanth, paid tribute to Vijaykanth's mortal remains last night.  



DMDK's current chief Premalatha Vijayakanth is even seen consoling a teared-up Vijay, and the star actor was led out of the crowd in a vulnerable state. Despite the police protection and escort, it was caught on camera that someone from the crowd tried attacking Vijay by throwing a slipper at him, as the actor returned to his car. The authenticity of this video is being disputed by a section, who claim that the video has been doctored to fuel unnecessary tension. 



Naalaya Theerpu (1992) - Vijay's debut film as a lead, directed by his father SA Chandrasekhar (SAC) had brought in a lot flak for the then 18 year old. The following year, Vijay had a release titled Senthoorapandi (1993), where SAC cast him alongside an established hero - Vijayakanth. SAC and Vijayakanth were frequent collaborators and Vijayakanth did the film as a favour, and did not charge any money. In 1998, i.e. 5 years later, Vijay would acknowledge this kind gesture from Vijayakanth by stating,  


"Mr. Vijaykanth has been a big hero then and now. My father did a movie with him (Senthoorapandi) and made me act as his younger brother. So the audience that was coming to watch Vijaykanth Sir, was getting an introduction of me through that film. This is why the film was made. The movie went on to become a success. We got what we had desired." 

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