Seenu Ramasamy Vs Manisha Yadav: Allegations & Controversy Details

PUBLISHED DATE : 24/Nov/2023

Seenu Ramasamy Vs Manisha Yadav: Allegations & Controversy Details

A year after Seenu Ramasamy directed Thenmerku Paruvakaatru fetched a National award (Best Tamil Film -2010), the director went on to announce a movie titled Idam Porul Yaeval, with actor Vimal in the lead. In 2013, Thenmerku Paruvakaatru lead Vijay Sethupathi was announced as the second hero of the film. This project underwent so many cast (Vimal to Attakathi Dinesh to Vishnu Vishal), crew, title and production changes like a musical chair.


It was in 2014, when then new face Manisha Yadav who had gained prominence with her debut Vazhakku En 18/9 (2012), and the subsequent Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer (2013) came onboard Idam Porul Yaeval. Soon after the shooting began, news of Manisha Yadav being replaced from the film broke out. She was replaced by Nandita Das.


2014 reports of Manisha Yadav raising a complaint with the Nadigar Sangam for being shown the door, are still available online. There are even reports that Seenu Ramasamy felt Manisha Yadav's look came across as 'sophisticated' during the initial few days of filming, and that she was offered the role opposite Vishnu Vishal instead of Vijay Sethupathi. But Manisha and her mother did not want to take it up. 


2014 online reports also suggest that Manisha Yadav back then had protested that she was promised a role opposite Vijay Sethupathi, and that she had to let go of two Telugu movie offers to take up Idam Porul Yaeval. That Manisha was replaced from Idam Porul Yaeval due to sexual advances from director Seenu Ramasamy had not made headlines 9 years ago for some strange reason.


Tamil gossip columns on the other hand do suggest this was the actual reason, and that Manisha along with actress Bindu Madhavi had been victims of inappropriate advances from Seenu Ramasamy.


A few days ago, a Tamil online reporter while opining on Trisha - Mansoor Ali Khan controversy had alleged that he has Manisha Yadav's complete statement of #MeToo allegations against director Seenu Ramasamy. The video has since been removed by the host channel, and the allegations were countered by Seenu Ramasamy on his X page, who rubbished the same pointing out that Manisha Yadav had thanked him at the audio launch of her 2018 movie Oru Kuppai Kathai


Manisha Yadav, who has not been seen in movies since 2020 slammed Seenu Ramasamy on Twitter stating that she thanked him, only because he was present as a guest on stage. She also states that she 'sticks by her statements from 9 years ago', except there are no direct statements from the actress, that calls out sexual harassment by director Seenu Ramasamy. In her current statement, Manisha Yadav maintains that Seenu Ramasamy had been disrespectful, and that she would not work with him again. 



Director Seenu Ramasamy has since confirmed that Manisha Yadav received Rs. 1 lakh as compensation for getting replaced from Idam Porul Yaeval, that she refused a role opposite Vishu Vishal in the same film, that he will be releasing the BTS video of Idam Porul Yaeval to prove that the actress had given multiple takes on her first day (one of the reasons for her replacement). Seenu Ramasamy is also currently in a Twitter back and forth with the online reporter who started this topic. Seenu Ramasamy alleges the reporter of targetted bashing, and says that the said reporter felt safe enough to send his wife and camera man for a coverage on the director and his mother to his residence, within these last 9 years. 

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