Anniyan controversy: Arivazhagan, Chimbu Devan support Shankar!

PUBLISHED DATE : 16/Apr/2021

Anniyan controversy: Arivazhagan, Chimbu Devan support Shankar!

It has been only two days since director Shankar announced that he is remaking Anniyan in Hindi with Ranveer Singh in the lead. But it feels like a while because of the ongoing controversy over story rights of the film.


TL;DR Anniyan producer V. Ravichandran of Aascar Films claims he bought rights to the film's story from late writer Sujata. However the movie's director Shankar says its his script and Sujata was merely the dialogue writer.


While Ravichandran is objecting to Shankar adapting the story 'without his consent', Shankar's former ADs and current popular directors of Tamil film industry have come in the latter's support. Of these director Arivazhagan has ADed on the film Anniyan itself and he has expressed solidarity by sharing Shankar's open letter to Ravichandran's claims.



Director Chimbudevan, another former associate of Shankar has tweeted under the hashtag #ISupportShankar.

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