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You can bet on this stranger.

Shankar's story and screenplay deserve to be lauded for the ingenious sparks in the narration. Every frame of 'Anniyan' reveals the hard work of its maker. If you enjoy magnificence in cinema you will like this 'Anniyan'. Sujatha's dialogue is an asset. Sabu Cyril must have worked overtime for Shankar — art contributes immensely to the film's richness. And capturing all these with the opulence and intricacies intact are the cameras of S. Ravivarman and V. Manikandan. Harris Jayaraj's hum-worthy numbers are chart busters already. (more)

Source: Malathi Rangarajan, The Hindu


Must See.

For Shankar, cinema is a packaged fantasy with a message and he has lived up to his expectations with Anniyan, a yarn spun beautifully to entice the moviegoers to part with their hard-earned money for three hours of pure entertainment. The film holds you riveted due to its racy narration, a relevant message backed with technical wizardry, never-seen before colorful song picturisation and above all the performance of Vikram.(more)

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Anniyan in one word is brilliant. A film that is big in conception, immaculate in execution and totally stunning in its entirety. Anniyan is almost a surreal and phantasmagoric dream woven on an ambitiously expanded canvas that has never before seen on Indian films. Its technical sorcery (yes, that's the word) just takes your breath away. And it has taken all the audacity and ability of Vikram and the boldness and brilliance of Shankar to come up with this mesmerizing magic. (more)

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