Director Shankar says Anniyan is his script and not Sujata's!

PUBLISHED DATE : 15/Apr/2021

Director Shankar says Anniyan is his script and not Sujata's!

After receiving a letter of objection from Anniyan producer V. Ravichandran, director Shankar has now issued a letter of his own, claiming that Anniyan is his script and not late writer Sujata's. Shankar's claim comes after Aascar Films objected to the director remaking Anniyan in Hindi


V. Ravinchran had claimed that the rights to Anniyan's story lies with his company because he had purchased it from the late writer Sujata. “The entire story rights were purchased by me from the writer Sujatha (alias late Rangarajan) for which full payment was done by me to him and necessary records are also available. I am the whole and sole owner of the rights of the storyline. As such, any such adoption or remaking or copying the main plot of the said movie, without my permission, is totally illegal, the producer said in his letter


But Shankar claims in his letter that Sujata was merely employed by the director to write dialogues for Anniyan and was credited in the film only for that. The director also says that Sujata was not involved in the script, screenplay or characterization of the Anniyan in any manner. Shankar's full letter here:


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