Kamal Haasan takes Rajinikanth's side in Comali Trailer Controversy!

PUBLISHED DATE : 05/Aug/2019

Kamal Haasan takes Rajinikanth's side in Comali Trailer Controversy!

Over the weekend, supporters of Rajinikanth were majorly upset over the trolling of the actor's political stance in the trailer of Jayam Ravi starrer Comali. The video which was released on Saturday showcases Jayam Ravi waking up from a 20 year coma, looking at a current day Rajinikanth saying, "My entry into politics is definite" and reacting to the same by stating, "Whom are you trying to fool, It is 1996".


An obvious dig at Rajinikanth's political entry which has been a point of constant debate over the years, the scenario however was explained by the film's director Pradeep as a "light-hearted take" by "a fan (himself) who has been highly anticipating the superstar's political entry since 1996". Fans on the other hand were enraged over the scenario with some even dragging Kamal Haasan citing his closeness with Comali's producer Ishari Ganesh.


Haasan who is known to share a friendly relationship with Rajini despite the latter being his film/political competitor, has not directly commented on the same. But a spokesperson of Kamal's Makkal Needhi Mayam has come out on twitter declaring,


"Nammavar (Kamal Haasan) watched the Comali trailer this (Sunday) morning. When he saw how Rajini's political entry was criticized in it, he immediately phoned the producer and disappointedly told him that he couldn't take the joke light-heartedly. Manifestation of friendship or voice of reason"

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