Petta, Viswasam celebrate 50 days of Box-office success!

PUBLISHED DATE : 28/Feb/2019

Petta, Viswasam celebrate 50 days of Box-office success!


Tamil cinema saw a rare box-office occurrence this year as two of its most prominent stars Ajith and Rajinikanth clashed big time with their respective films Viswasam and Petta on January 10, 2019. While this mounted tensions in terms of box-office success, the film fraternity was glad that both these films emerged with great success and reaped profits for everyone involved in the business.

Besides the numbers, these films sort of revived the star status of its respective lead actors which truth be told was lost in their career transitions.

While Ajith got to show his matured acting prowess pulling in family audiences besides impressing the masses, Rajinikanth on the other hand brought back the 90s swag, an element his OGs were more than delighted to get nostalgic with and celebrate.

It is also impressive that these films continue to put up a good show at a time when the life span of a movie is from one Friday to the other. Viswasam is in demand (the dubbed version of the film is releasing tomorrow in neighbouring Telugu states) even after surfacing on digital platforms like Amazon Prime.

Petta on the other hand has added to the success ratio of Rajinikanth's earlier two releases (Kaala, 2.0) thus making a statement on the bankability of the 68 year old lead actor.

As Tamil cinema gears up for another Friday and anticipates the release of new set of movies, it is worth taking a moment to notice that Viswasam and Petta have both emerged victorious battling box-office numbers, fan-favourites and 7 whole weeks of other film competitors.

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