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first half vera level and second half was not good (more)


Naveen Prathap

#PETTA - SIRAPPANA THARAMANA SAMBAVAM !!! This movie by far, is the closest, one can get for a reinvention of a 90's Rajini. Something which we all were waiting for a long time. This might probably be the last one of its kind. No other person other than this 'Maha Rajni Veriiyan' #Karthick_Subburaj could have made this possible on screen. Each frame by frame he has crafted it so well. This movie shows that he has been studying #Rajni for a long time. He knows which angle and what kind of shots, mannerisms suit him. Right from the title card everything is rajinism. Thalaivar at his best no other words. I was so much into the film, admiring and lost by seeing thalaivar on screen that I even forgot that there were other major stars in the film including ( Vijay sethupathi, trisha, sasikumar etc ). The next best thing is Anirudh Ravichander, BGM was electrifying and goosebumps material. He nailed it totally . It's one of his matured works after Kaththi. Cinematography by thiru is supercool and the locations are an added advantage. Vijay sethupathi's screen space is less comparitvely but he is so apt for the role he plays. He naturally is for all the roles though. Could have used Nawazuddin Siddiqui better. Simran, Trisha and sasikumar has minimal portions and are not bad. First half is excellent(intro and pre intermission portions) while the second half is good. The negatives about the movie are the story and second half's length. This is a pakka commercial Rajni film with not so great villains! #StrictlyMyView!! (more)


Vivek Kumar

I love this movie thalaivar always rock love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu thalaivar marana massssssssssssssssssssssssss movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the one an only movie ill see ofter 25years now my age is 32 ofter basha ill see full am full super star movie thanks to karthik.s i love u karthick love u so much thalaiva ur rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzx (more)


Arun Sundar

And out and out Rajni Show from Start to finish. Nothing much in terms in screenplay or character development. Even the final revelation in the climax is on expected lines. (more)


Ajay Ajeev

Semma mass..... Thalaiva re entry... No lagg..... Only mass.... (more)


Maestro Manohar

Reinvent the RAJINI you have watched in your childhood. It's been long since we have heard dialogues from SUPERSTAR that took audience by storm,last being vasee meh..Do watch till the karthik subbaraj title card comes in the climax. (more)


Ahamad Kabeer Noordeen

Superstar back best entertainment for 2019 beginning. .. here is all ways no 1 (more)


Saruk Cbe

Pppaaa !Witnessed a #Rajinism in a Great Style ! Stylish...Charismatic...Mass... An Epic Superstar He is Delightto Watch Loved dis Rajinism to d Core!Pppaaa ! And Rajinified throughout d Muvi!!! Simply Yeah...He is Back HereWeGo: Pongal Winner- Petta Parak 90s Rajini is Back ! Am outaa Words Fulfilled Entertainer Go For His Mesmerising Performance Finally...Padam na ipdi irukanum Sirapaana tharamaana Sampavam #PETTAPARAK #Rajinified #HeisBack (more)


Thara Kasavan

This Best Film In Indian Cinema .Rajani Sir Coming Back in Action Super Movie and also Vijay Sathupathi My Favorite Ac tare Mass Action (more)


Shanmuganathan Ganesan

#Petta : After decade dam enjoyed #Superstar #Rajinikanth Film Now I'm one among #Rajinified today witnessed in Theatre !! It's Purely one & only #SuperStar show with Electrifying Screen presence with diehard theri therikum BGM & song's by Anirudh & Purely ardant Fan of #KarthickSubburaj direction. Verdict : An Instant BLOCKBUSTER - THIS "PETTA PARAAK" (more)


Imran Rock

karthick subbarajin verithanam petta paraak,Thalaivar vera level look,style each and each frame he done a best job,go and watch u will goosebumps sure (more)