Arun Sundar




Darbar Darbar

So the invincible Rajini juggernaut that started with 2.0 and Petta ends up pretty badly with Darbar. Rajini will probably regret doing this waste masala film and move on. The one who would be most affected by the disappointing box office outcome of this film would be Nivetha Thomas who put her heart and soul into her role. Murugadoss makes Rajini almost caricature till the interval but after interval his one-dimensional character of Aditya gets a fresh wind. But it is too late to save this film witb some decent jokes and terrible music. Darbar - 'Durrbaar' for all our seats.


Hero Hero

Much more than a normal timepass flick. But PS Mithran could have tightened the screenplay and made things more interesting, from start itself. Lacks a bit in emotions but makes it up with packaging and presentation style. PS Mithran also keeps things subtle and relatable to a large extent. Yuvan failed in songs but makes it up in the BGM.



Timepass film.. no major twists in story or screenplay as such.. just masala film with some exciting fights and good comedy.


Sakka Podu Podu Raja Sakka Podu Podu Raja

Boring film.. hero buildups does not suit Santhanam. He should try for varied scripts than being a mass hero all the time


Thadam Thadam

A pretty decent crime thriller. Needed more clarity in screenplay. Sonia Agarwal portions needed to be presented in a better manner.


Panipat Panipat

Average timepass film. Editing should have been better.


Gundu Gundu

Highly watchable but the highly communist tone and heavy BGM proves to be a big headache and a dampener.


Sathya Sathya

I remember watching this film first day itself. While it pales with respect to the original version in terms of thrills and screenplay, the director managed to do a competent job.The original version by itself had an average story.And it was disappinting that no improverisation was done in Tamil version.It was almost a frame to frame remake. Compared to the slightly atrocious Hindi version called Baaghi 2, this film remains more faithful to the original and thus ends up as a satisfying watch.



Decent thriller based on a true story. Everyone acted well. The bar song was unnecessary. Lacked some thrills.



Good film. Exciting screenplay.Raghava Lawrence and Sarathkumar rocks.


Vanakkam Chennai Vanakkam Chennai

A quite decent and worthy film to watch despite some uninteresting scenes and slow pacing in the second half.


Pa Paandi Pa Paandi

It is not a very exciting film.. need some patience to watch the film.Performances are good.


Adithya Varma Adithya Varma

Should be skipped. A disaster and disappointment compared to the original and Hindi version.


Giri Giri

Entertaining commercial film. No need to analyse seriously.


Nannaku Prematho Nannaku Prematho

One time watchable movie for its content and different style of presentation by Sukumar. But the screenplay is average because lots of runtime is wasted on songs. If the film had kept focus on revenge and hero characterisation,it would been more interesting.The film also has some shades of SRK starrer Happy New Year but logically better than that. Overall the film is watchable for JR Ntr and Jagapathy Babu performances.


Thegidi Thegidi

A decent film to watch and enjoy. Only minus is the slow pacing which saps the interest towards the latter half. Climax is decent.