Arun Sundar




Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran

Worth watching.. especially the last one hour or so. But the storyline and making style is so ordinary


Manithan Manithan

Worth watching despite a few flaws in screenplay.


Dear Comrade Dear Comrade

A film not for everyone. The structure of the storyline is decent despite some shortcomings and lackluster sequences. Need to have some patience as film is slow paced to build upon some events. Film is worth watching more than once only because of the issues involved, Vijay Devarkonda and the scintillating BGM.


Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru

Could not understand what is even the plot of the movie. GV Prakash finding it difficult to adapt to role.



Apart from few moments towards the climax and good acting by Ponvannan(as Jeeva's father), nothing generates much interest in the film. Honestly speaking, one of the worst films of Jeeva.


Game Over Game Over

To be honest, I have seen much better horror- slasher thrillers than these. This was a extremely sick,partially boringand lengthy film. Ashwin Saravanan has good grip over technical aspects but long way to go as a director. I would prefer Maya now over this anyday.performances were quite decent.



Mokka and one time watchable only because of Suriya.. both the heroines are waste.. Sothappal by Selvaraghavan sir.. I expected much more going by teaser and trailer


Ayogya Ayogya

Only Vishal is positive.. very average film and shaky camerawork in many places. Songs romba mokka.


Vellai Pookal Vellai Pookal

Fraankly speaking VELLAI POOKAL is a much better than Natpe Thunai which trivialised anf made mockery of woman folk. Despite the slow pacing which seems DELIBERATE in a few areas and heavy Bgm, the film remains highly watchable from start to end. Will change people attitudes and will get genuine appreciation from most critics. Cinematography good and Vivek acting was good. But the foreign lady who played the role of Alice was really perfect. Quality attempt and decent execution. Wish they release in other states with subtitles.



Well done Seeman and Madhavan. Nice film for society.


Kanne Kalai Maane Kanne Kalai Maane

Earnest attempt but old fashioned story. Tamara good acting but film is like a slow documentary.


Gully Boy Gully Boy

Such a waste of time and money. Skip this and watch something more better and inspiring. Ranever Singh only saving grace of the whole film. Zoya doesn't still know how to make An interesting and engaging film.


Nine (9) Nine (9)

Should have taken care to avoid loopholes in the second half. Writing could have been much better. Visuals are good. Prithviraj as usual good acting. Climax reveal is thrilling and also scary. If the writing was better, then this film could have ended up as a must watch one. SAD. BGM was just ok..too loud in some scenes.


Vantha Rajavaathaan Varuven Vantha Rajavaathaan Varuven

Marana mokka. Megha Akash no acting skills. Not even 1% acting which Samantha showed in original. Simbu tried hard to be like Pawan Kayan but it is let down by a shoddy screenplay and direction. Songa by Hip Hop Tamizha bad except for one title song. Comedy also bad. Catherine Tresa nice acting and has good screen presence. Overall one can even skip the film and spend time in a much better manner.


Pariyerum Perumal Pariyerum Perumal

A Pathbreaking Tamil film shot with a lot of conviction and sincerity. Maari Selvaraj in his debut Tamil film shows a lot of control and expertise in showing caste based realities in South India which still exist. He manages to present things as it is without resorting to excessive cinematic liberties. The end result is that both the film and the performances seemed fresh and refreshing. What the film lacked was that in the middle portions the film goes into a semi-documentary mode so the engagement factor takes a slight dip. You could wish if the director had shown much more sincerity towards presenting the theme. But even in its current form the film is a honest work and a riveting watch


Petta Petta

And out and out Rajni Show from Start to finish. Nothing much in terms in screenplay or character development. Even the final revelation in the climax is on expected lines.