Thozha Songs - Music Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 28/Feb/2016

Thozha Songs - Music Review

Thozha Songs - Music Review

Ramesh Kannan S

Thozha is the official remake of The Intouchables has Nagarjuna and Karthi as a lead and directed by Brindavanam fame Vamsi. GopiSundar scores music for this movie and this is the high profile project for the upcoming music director in Telugu and Tamil. Let's check out whether Gopi manages to create impact with this album or not.


Baby Odathe:

Baby Odathe is a short peppy lively song with entertaining brass arrangements dominated by trumpet and drums. The tune is a cakewalk for Shankar Mahadevan and he delivers the song with ease while propping up the average tune.



Puthitha, breezy Harris Jayaraj'ish tune handled deftly by ever reliable Karthik and he exudes charms with his vocals throughout the song. Gopi Sundar's graceful arrangement with live drums, clap sounds and lovely spasmodic violin solo in the interlude make this song worthwhile listen. MadanKarky's lyrics flow seamlessly along with the tune.


Eiffel Mele:

Eiffel Mele folksy predictable tune made interesting by the nifty touches in the orchestration like undermined percussion, nadhaswaram bit along with mandolin interspersed throughout the song. Ranjith and Suchitra sound apt in this listenable carefree song and lyrics sound discordant with the folk base.



Enaduyire rides mainly on the soulful rendition by Vijay Prakash and GopiSundar chip in with the minimal arrangements using mellow guitar strums and keys. The composer creates a tantamount effect with a far minimal setting with ample support from the lead singer.



Thozha has typical soft rock base and Gopi spruce up the song with his arrangements while Anirudh and Haricharan did a fantastic job in rendering this predictable song. Gopi's splendid usage of violin amidst the cushy drums and guitar strums being the highlight in an otherwise passable song.


Door No:

Door No, Geetha Madhuri's vocals and arrangements bear an undeniable Telugu flavor and the tune is tried and tested umpteen numbers of times in multiple Telugu item songs. Gopi didn't add much flavour to the song and the tune is adequately foot tapping which may make an impact along with visuals.



Nagarum has trademark Gopi Sundar elements throughout the song with rousing violin usage, guitar strums and hummable tune which is made lively by cheerful arrangements. Karthik lends his support for the beautiful melody with his fab vocals as always.


Verdict:  Gopi Sundar plays safe for his big ticket outing with lively cheerful casual songs and the tunes just flow along without major glitches.


Rating: 3/5

Picks of the Album: Puthitha, Nagarum, Enaduyire.

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