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Aadithya Prabakaran

a good film but cast replacement is need for nagarjuna and replace sonu sood as a young person review as a critic-67% audience-79% mine original-74% as a karthi fan-85% overall-65% (more)


Fyaz Shafi

Thozha is a very emotional, friendship and comedy film which revolves around a caretaker and a millionaire!!! Karthi's character and performance was perfect and no one else could do such a role!!!!! Nagarjuna had acted without any flaw as a handicapped person!!! The Cinematography is very rich and admirable!!!! The movie revolves around certain more characters such as Tamannah, Prakash Raj, Shreya, Anushka and several others!!!!! Overall this movie as said is the 'Celebration of Life'!!!!! Gear up for an emotional ride!!!!! My Personal Rating:- 4/5 As a Critic:- 3.25/5 As a Normal Audience:- 3.5/5 (more)


Bhuvaneswari Baskaran

Wonderful and very emotional movie.Made me to cry a whole night. (more)



Thozha is superrrrrrrrrrrr,all will love this film ,don't miss it. (more)


Gowtham Viswanath

Thozha didn't mix in well with the pattern used. The Original stands beyond measure and stood perfectly strong while passing over every comparable and additive scene. Though the Lead Actor Karthi delivered agreeable Performance to the territorial setting, the balance failed with the other Lead Actor Nagarjuna. The added circumstances totally blemished of its overused approach. Some retaining from the Original made wee bit watchable. 1 star for the few contained Original spirit. (more)


Shanmuganathan Ganesan

Thozha : Really celebration of feeling n life too .. A must watch film .. Highly recommended. (more)