Fyaz Shafi




Thozha Thozha

Thozha is a very emotional, friendship and comedy film which revolves around a caretaker and a millionaire!!! Karthi's character and performance was perfect and no one else could do such a role!!!!! Nagarjuna had acted without any flaw as a handicapped person!!! The Cinematography is very rich and admirable!!!! The movie revolves around certain more characters such as Tamannah, Prakash Raj, Shreya, Anushka and several others!!!!! Overall this movie as said is the 'Celebration of Life'!!!!! Gear up for an emotional ride!!!!! My Personal Rating:- 4/5 As a Critic:- 3.25/5 As a Normal Audience:- 3.5/5


Theri Theri

Theri was an Extraordinary Theriffic Entertainer from Atlee and Ilayathalapathy Vijay!!!! Vijay is the biggest positive for this movie!!! He has rocked a fantastic performance as a Loving Father, a Mass Police and a Romantic Hero!!!!! Baby Nainika steals the show with a cute and kiddish performance!!!!! Samantha has made a lovable performance like Nayanthara from Raja Rani!!!! Her acting was brilliant!!!! Amy Jackson has done her role as good as she can...... Director Mahendran has prooved his debut as a bad ass Villain!!!! The rest of the cast like Motta Rajendran, Prabhu, Radhika, etc have given their best and speaks special dialogues each!!!! This movie is already said to be inspired from Sathriyan and Atlee has executed it perfectly!!!! Atlee proves that he can make any movie with strong action, love, sentiments and emotions and this movie overflows with mass scenes and emotional social messages stealing every hearts!!!! G.V. Prakash has already rocked his 50th album with terrific songs and now rocked more with BGM score supporting every scene perfectly!!!! Special applauses to Camera work done by George C Williams who has presented the movie with rich and colourful cinematography, Stunt director Dillip Subburayan for his perfect and logical action Sequences and stunts and last but not the least editor Ruben for his perfect cuts in editing as the first half is very racy anf second half filled with mass and emotions!!!! Atlee has taken a simple clichd cop subject but presented it with fantastic screenplay, action and emotional social messages that touched our hearts deeply!!!! The interval block is the highlight of the movie!!!! At last what Atlee said to the audience was a great message on parenting and women safety!!!!! If we raise our children properly our nation would automatically improve!!!! Thats what Atlee says!!!! He indeed prooves to be an assistant of Shankar!!!! Every audience in the theatre loved it and I loved the movie a lot!!!! My kind request to all those reading my review is please don't listen to MC review and buy ure Theri tickets as soon as possible!!!!!! The critics have definitely gone crazy!!!! Ask any audience who watched the movie and he/she will say Therrrrrrriiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! Go For It!!!!!! My Personal Rating:- 5/5 As a Critic:- 3.5/5 As a Normal Audience:- 4/5