Nanbenda Review - In Search Of Jokes

PUBLISHED DATE : 02/Apr/2015

Nanbenda Review - In Search Of Jokes

Nanbenda – In Search Of Jokes

Bharath Vijayakumar

Comedy tracks have been in vogue in Tamil Cinema for a long time. Now and then you have films that have what is supposed to be the plot as a filler and a comedy track that runs infinitely.  Director Rajesh successfully milked three hits out of this formula before slipping in All In All Azhaguraja. Now his assistant Jagadish has taken up this mantle.



It is futile to look for this. An assembly line of supposedly comical scenes interspersed with songs is Nanbenda for you.



Udhayanidhi Stalin and Santhanam definitely share a bond and it came through successfully in both OKOK and IKK. Nanbenda is the third consecutive outing and it is bound to tire you even if the performance is really good.  They do manage to bring in few laughs but Nanbenda is nowhere near their earlier ventures. There is really nothing much for the rest of the cast to do. Nayanthara  does her job neatly but her characterization lets her down.


Throughout the first half of Nanbenda you keep hoping for atleast an iota of plot.  But when an attempt at a plot is made through a flashback that involves the murder of a dog you quickly want to reverse your wish.  When you have decided to sail through the film cashing in on the chemistry between Udhayanidhi Stalin and Santhanam all the effort could have probably made on fine tuning their portions and getting a better deal with the jokes. But the maker mixes up too many things in an attempt to show that there is a story. There is no harm in trying to repeat what OKOK managed to do. But Nanbenda looks like a film that was put together from the deleted scenes of OKOK.  Silly is a too light a word for some of the jokes.Still it might not have hurt as much had it been a little crisper and gotten rid of the songs that come out of nowhere.



Nanbenda tries too hard to make you laugh and you find it too hard to laugh.

Rating: 2.25/5


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