Kaaki Sattai Review - Passable Masala

PUBLISHED DATE : 27/Feb/2015

Kaaki Sattai Review - Passable Masala

Kaaki Sattai Review - Passable Masala

Bharath Vijayakumar

Stardom happens in both ways. You become a star without you realizing it or you plan meticulously to become one. Sivakarthikeyan is probably caught in between these two. Up to Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam everything seemed to fall in place and he was making the right choices either carefully or by chance. Now it seems (at least for the time being) that he has decided on how to shape his path and Kaaki Sattai resonates this feeling throughout.



A cop from the lower rung of hierarchy has to take on a powerful underworld mastermind.



Sivakarthikeyan does look at ease for the most part. The makers have tried to incorporate mass elements without being blatant. But it does show anyway. A high profile intro which is then turned comical using a known technique. Possibly a brilliant idea.Those who have accepted the actor as a star can rejoice while those who are are apprehensive are given some more time to make up their mind.Despite being a slight changeover in the genre from his previous flicks you can feel a sense of monotony in the actor's performance. There is very little in the film for the remaining cast to make an impression. Vijay Raaz is an interesting choice to play the villain and this does prevent the film from a feeling of deja vu to a great extent.

But alas there is only so much he can do in a template formula flick. Imman Annachi manages to make an impression.



Anirudh's BGM takes the cake most of the time. All the cliche scenes of the hero walking in slo mo are saved to a great extent by the vibrant score that does give a high.The stunt sequences have been downplayed despite the obvious build up before them. 



Durai Senthilkumar made an impression with his debut Ethir Neechal.The comedy particularly clicked. It was a down to earth film for the most part that turned cinematic only towards the end.But the stakes are different for Kaaki Sattai. Both for him and the hero. This is a template star vehicle film or film that tries to establish it's leading man as an action star. The result is a mixed mag. The film does not test your patience at any point. If that was the sole intention then Kaaki Sattai is a winner. But there is very little beyond this.

By beyond we are not talking about anything novel here. The entertainment quotient itself is pretty low. The attempt to entertain you is in abundance. But it all looks too mechanical on screen.

The jokes are not funny as you wish they were. A chuckle here and there is what you get. 

The central plot deals with the serious crime of organ trafficking. The prelude to the intermission block where the hero tries to decode this is quite engaging. But once this is done the second half follows the rule book of commercial cinema to a T. From a serious investigation angle of a crime maze the film turns into the routine face off between the hero and the villain.And this face off is disappointing as you feel the least of seriousness. While it is a given that the hero will triumph at the end, there needs to be atleast some sort of tension in the lead up or at least a villain who will spruce up things by making all the right moves.

But what you have here is Sivakarthikeyan along with Manobala bringing down this powerful network with the silliest of ideas.


Kaaki Sattai is a tailor made formula film that is passable. It neither bores you nor keeps you sufficiently entertained.


Rating: 2.5/5

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