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Kaaki Sattai - Passable Masala

Durai Senthilkumar made an impression with his debut Ethir Neechal.The comedy particularly clicked. It was a down to earth film for the most part that turned cinematic only towards the end.But the stakes are different for Kaaki Sattai. Both for him and the hero. (more)

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The 'Ethir Neechal' team has delivered one more winner here.

The storyline is predictable to the commons, yet director Durai Senthilkumar has ensured that his audience will get entertained to their expectation. Kick starting with comedy and gearing up with social cause has become the success formula for this director. This well -handled screenplay itself will carry the movie into a mass commercial hit movie. (more)

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Siva Karthikeyan entertains, but the story's handling could have been better

The director Durai has eyed a proper star vehicle for Sivakarthikeyan banking on the actor's inherent comedic abilities while also giving him the push and required build-up as an action hero. Siva is earnest, dances very well, has the screen presence, puts in lot into the stunts and breezes through the comedy scenes as usual. Though you don't feel bored, a more serious handling of the central theme could have helped the film better.(more)

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Time pass entertainer

whatever an average movie-goer seeks- time-pass entertainment, is there in Kakki Sattai. And it is the comedy inspired performance from Sivakarthikeyan that keeps the film fresh. He is convincing, has a likable face and it goes beyond words that he is star material. Kakki Sattai has a familiar plot of organ trade is exaggerated and formulaic, but relies squarely on the charm of its leading man to pull off its over-the-top tone.(more)

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Sivakarthikeyan, The Star has arrived

The film has what every star vehicle needs: it has an energetic protagonist in Sivakarthikeyan, who shines in stunt sequences and in comedy. However, he looks awkward when performing difficult choreography. The music is enjoyable though; Anirudh Ravichander has given us foot-tapping numbers. (more)

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Kaaki Sattai is appealing

There are, however, plenty of masala moments with something for everyone. The attempt to build a mass hero image for Sivakarthikeyan is unmistakable. A decently paced, well scripted film with plenty of humour and great music makes Sivakarthikeyan's Kaaki Sattai worth a watch.(more)

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Kaaki Sattai Movie Review

Only earlier this month, we had another cop film, Yennai Arindhaal, that dealt with the subject of organ trafficking. It is a serious subject but given that Sivakarthikeyan is the hero here, the treatment is lighter in Kaaki Sattai. And that is the problem with the film. The film keeps alternating between the serious and the light tones. And, it is hard to take a cop seriously when he has to depend on Mano Bala and his brand of humour to crack his case. (more)

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One is certain to be dazzled and amused

�Kaaki Sattai� takes up the monochrome uniform of a police officer and turns it into a colourful and entertaining affair. Riddled with arguments, fights, laughs, and sceptical enquiry, one is certain to be dazzled and amused, even despite the lack of substantiating material to truly make it a classic. In this regard, director Durai Senthilkumar and actor Sivakarthikeyan have done an estimable job in making the film at least worth experiencing.(more)

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A silly romp around exotica and evil

Once Raj Kapoor took the audience on a world tour in his Around The World and Sangam. Decades later, some Tamil producers and directors (also a few Bollywood mandarins) think that Indian cinema ticket-paying patrons still desire the likes of Kapoor's romps across continents -- romps that can materialise just by sitting on a chair. And, believe it or not, Tamil films transport their heroes and heroines to some of the most exotic locales -- like New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Vienna and Italy -- in the wink of an eye. Never mind, the song sequences set in these yonder lands cost a bomb, and worse, stick out like a sore thumb -- neither pushing the plot nor making any meaning at all.(more)

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