BO Report shows Sivakarthikeyan can pull the crowd

PUBLISHED DATE : 15/Feb/2012

BO Report shows Sivakarthikeyan can pull the crowd

Marina Collections Prove Sivakarthikeyan is a Saleable Actor

Marina's surprise performance helped comfortably recover the money for the investors. In some centers, it is also claimed as a Hit based on the returns seen so far. Despite Marina receiving mixed response from audience and critics during the first week, the exhibitors placed their bets by increasing the number of shows. The radical move was justified when the weekend saw enough occupancy to ensure that Marina's 2nd weekend collection was more than that of first weekend collection of more popular Dhoni. Marina ended up at #1 position last weekend at the Box Office.


Sivakarthikeyan Emerges

Marina caught the attention when the Director decided to cast Sivakarthikeyan in a brief role (Brief enough that his name comes after the 2 kids on the opening title card). One may argue whether it is the market pull of Director Pandiraj of Pasanga fame or the popularity of TV star Sivakarthikeyan that helped bring respectable collections last week. We tend to believe it is the latter's brand value at the households. Hope Sivakarthikeyan signs up good movies in the future so he can carve a niche for himself in this industry which has always struggled to find good actors with flair for comedy.


Box Office collections from key multiplexes

Here are some numbers from a few mulitplexes,

Coimbatore KG

  1. Marina - Rs.8,77,605
  2. Nanban - Rs.4,82,485
  3. Vettai - Rs.2,64,810


Past collections for 4th week at KG Cinemas, Coimbatore

  • 7aum Arivu - Rs. 6,85,785
  • Nanban - Rs. 4,82,485
  • Mankatha - Rs. 3,81,955

PVR Chennai

  1. Nanban - Rs.8,13,196
  2. Marina - Rs.5,55,122
  3. Vettai - Rs.4,31,526


Past collections for 4th week at PVR, Chennai

  • 7aum Arivu -Rs. 9,34,250
  • Nanban - Rs.8,13,196
  • Velayudham - Rs. 4,41,690

Fame National

  1. Marina - Rs. 8,00,200
  2. Nanban - Rs. 4,65,790
  3. Vettai - Rs. 2,69,640


Past Collections for 4th week at Fame National, Chennai:

  • 7aum Arivu - Rs. 5,04,240
  • Nanban - Rs. 4,65,790
  • Mankatha - Rs. 4,59,680
  • Velayudham - Rs. 3,23,040

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