Veeram Review - Ajith's Valour

PUBLISHED DATE : 10/Jan/2014

Veeram Review - Ajith's Valour

Veeram - Thala is Chivalrous and Valorous

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In the past, Ajith's movies have been successful with one section of the audience and have alienated others. Ajith and director Siva have made sure this time that Veeram will be a special Pongal treat for 'Thala' fans and also for general masses. Veeram is outright unapologetic mass movie to be enjoyed without any restraint.  Congrats to Ajith, Director Siva, and team for making a very engaging movie from start to finish.



Ajith has 4 brothers, works hard to bring them up and decides to stay a bachelor so he stays together. The family of 5 brothers who all have tough exteriors but with child-like hearts. The first half shows in a lighter vein how these brothers kick bad people. The loving brothers want Ajith to get married to Tamanna, who comes to the village for a Temple renovation project. The second half introduces complications due to difference in characters between the rough-and-tough Ajith and peace-loving Tamanna. The director introduces more complications in form of multiple enemy groups seeking revenge. Watch how all these knots get entangled on big screen. 


Director Siva

Ajith's Veeram has all commercial elements in right proportions -- hyper aggressive fight sequences, Ajith and Tamannah's enchanting love angle, Santhanam quick one-liners, Thambi Ramiah's comedy, predictable yet effective story knots, cheesy family sentiments reminding Vikraman movies. All these are neatly packaged by Director Siva without any hurdles in the screenplay. Dialogues are good and smoothly transitions from comedy to emotions within a span of few seconds (e.g., when tea shop person explains how Ajith got into the habit of drinking tea many years ago). The dialogues and sentiments may lack nuance, sound cliched and sometimes right on your face. But, it all works well within time-tested commercial format of Tamil cinema. Veeram has a fantastic first half. The only lag is right before and after interval, the story stagnates due to a couple of duet songs but later picks up pace again. 


Ajith Kumar

Ajith in a rural role, cladding a 'veshti' is thoroughly refreshing. Ajith looks charming in his grey hair look and doesn't have any qualms poking a few jokes on his real age on-screen. Interestingly, the romance scenes have actually works out exceptionally well. Thala is equally convincing as both untamed aggression in the first half and passive aggression guy in the second half. Ajith's acting and screen presence are top notch and he carries the movie from start to finish with great intensity.


The fans will enjoy Ajith's introduction scene and a number of other high-speed scenes throughout the movie. Ajith's dialogue delivery and his interactions with brothers and Santhanam are hilarious. Ajith doesn't get to ride a bike in Veeram. But, a light-hearted scene involving a bullock-cart chase will make sure you don't miss seeing Ajith riding a bike. 


Cast and Characters

The leading lady Tamannah is back in an interesting role as a temple & archaeology restoration person. She looks graceful and beautiful in saree and her chemistry with Ajith works extremely well. Vidharth does the best job among the 4 brothers. Couple of younger brothers are mostly in the background without much to do. Santhanam is fantastic and back to his form with his excellent one-liners. Santhanam's comedy in the first half is a laugh riot. Nazar plays the standard role that he has done probably couple of dozen times already in Tamil and Telugu movies with the same make-up, costume, walking sticks and family settings. Pradeep Rawat is more villainous than the main villain, Atul Kulkarni.


Music and Technical Department

Both the duet songs(Thangame and Ival Thaana) act as speed-breakers, especially given that the scenes preceding the songs were quite engaging. Also, Ajith's looks, dance moves and costumes are not as good as the talkie portions. Devi Sri Prasad(DSP) has done a fantastic background score bringing out the aggression and sentiments. The cameraman deserves special mention for showing Ajith in dynamic angles and tight closeups. Vetri's cinematographer is the backbone of the movie with every frame engaging the audience and makes a compelling viewing. The art director has aesthetically erected a number of sets for Ajith's house in the backdrop of a village setting with colourful properties all over. Silva's stunts will be a treat for action lovers.


Bottom Line

This is one of Ajith's most engaging movies in recent times and caters to all sections with right mix of all commercial elements. Ajith's presence, comedy scenes, love portions with Tamannah and aggressive action blocks will ensure that you won't regret Veeram. Make sure to catch Veeram this 'Thala' Pongal with your family.


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