Trisha to take legal route after expelled AIADMK leader's despicable remarks

PUBLISHED DATE : 20/Feb/2024

Trisha to take legal route after expelled AIADMK leader's despicable remarks

It wasn't too long ago that the Madras High Court slammed Leo actor Mansoor Ali Khan, when he tried to file a defamation suit against the film's female lead Trisha. Mansoor Ali Khan had made salacious comments against Trisha in the media, and Trisha in return had expressed disgust over the same and vowed never to work with the problematic Khan again.  


Instead of apologizing for said remarks, Mansoor Ali Khan dragged Trisha's name to the court where he was given a good scolding and fined a hefty Rs. 1 lakh for wasting the high court's time.  Less than 2 months later, Trisha's name is once again at the center of another low-life controversy. 


A few days ago, former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami (EPS), announced the removal of Salem West Union AIADMK Secretary AV Raju from the party. The decision was made after  allegations surfaced against Salem Metropolitan City AIADMK Secretary G Venkatachalam, accusing him of amassing assets exceeding Rs. 1000 Cr.


While expelled ADMK leader AV Raju has been on a take-down rant against G Venkatachalam ever since, AV Raju dragged actress Trisha and actor, AIADMK politician Karunas' name during an exclusive interview with Sun TV, and Adhitya - channels with close ties to the ruling DMK party. 


"He (G Venkatachalam) doesn't drink, he's a good man but he asked for (actress) Trisha. Then this Karunas knows. Actor Karunas was the one who arranged "it" poor guy..All actresses were arranged by Karunas for everyone who specifically asked for actresses...There were any actresses I cannot tell their names..Everyone's need was fullfilled..There are no limits or records to this. But my brother (G) Venkatachalam asked for Trisha. He was adamant that he needed a small (young) girl. I asked why. He said that this was the only thing he enjoyed in life. They paid her (Trisha) Rs. 25 lakh to bring her there."


AV Raju however deflected when asked if Trisha did come in person or if he has any proof to back his claim. "I wasn't there nearby to confirm if Trisha was there or not. What work do I have there? They gave us food, I ate the meat (implying that is all he was there for). What proof would I have? Will I be sitting and watching if someone goes to a woman?" 



After Trisha Krishnan trended all day on the X platform, with furious fans of Trisha's demanding an action from the actress, the Ponniyin Selvan actress wrote, "It's disgusting to repeatedly see low lives and despicable human beings who will stoop down to any level to gain attention. Rest assured, necessary and severe action will be taken. Anything that needs to be said and done henceforth will be from my legal department." 


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