Kanguva Shooting Spot Accident: Suriya updates all's well

PUBLISHED DATE : 23/Nov/2023

Kanguva Shooting Spot Accident: Suriya updates all's well

Actor Suriya was recently shooting for Kanguva in EVP Film City, a shooting spot notorious for filming accidents in Chennai. Wednesday i.e. November 22, 2023 was supposed to be the last day of Kanguva filming for Suriya and a little past midnight i.e. around 1: 30 AM on November 23, 2023 a rope camera which is manually operated with two ropes endured a cut and headed towards Suriya who was in the midst of a fight scene. The actor noticed the same, and moved right in time to avoid the camera landing on his head. However Suriya's shoulder was injured in the process, and the filming was halted ever since. 


While the Nasaratpet police looked into the situation, Suriya spent the day healing and recovering. Now the star actor has put out an X post that his condition is much better than before (presumably after medical care).



The shooting of Kanguva is expected to resume tomorrow i.e. November 24, 2023 [Friday]. 

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