Kolaveri Comments from all over the world

PUBLISHED DATE : 22/Nov/2011

Kolaveri Comments from all over the world

Kolaveri Comments from all over the world  (Part 1 of 2)

Today, Kolaveri touched upon the shores of UK, US, Canada and Australia and has been trending up. It is trying to get a foothold among non-Indians as we speak. Here are some comments gathered from across the globe... 


  • whythiskolaveridi has reached my non-Tamil college buddies back in the US!! THAT's what u call 'reach'! Crazy kolaveri fever  -Richa Gangopadhyay (Actress)
  • And going viral in India is now #KolaViral...So now its a synonym for cool! It's #Kolaveri cool?" - Anand Mahindra, Mahindra CEO
  • Dhanush with one #kolaveri vid has outdone the publicity SRK managed to build over 3 months for Ra.One 1.2 Million views & 16K Likes in 5 days!
  • This song has crossed Region, language, countries!!! It's cool and rocking!!! World is the limit!!!
  • I am a Punjabi and I hardly understand 7-8 words in the whole song...but still i enjoy this song so much...
  • Rupee hits a all-time low. Why this #kolaveri ?
  • I have just crushed the replay button... best song of the year... and I am totally unaware of the singer, musician and movie. Who is he?
  • Thats the Power of SuperStar Rajnikanth :)
  • This is rajnikanth's son-in-law. now imagine if rajni was in this video, may be 2 million hits in one hour, Youtube servers would have crashed.
  • Irony is that this songs starts saying flop song :D
  • This song has a feeling which connects to every Human. Thats all I see. In talk about north-south divide, kolaveri kills it all!! Now playing at Dilli ki shaadis!
  • 469 of the people disliked this song are Justin Bieber fans!
  • A friend of mine who lives in US came to know about this song from a US student having no connection what so ever with India... When a white guy tells u about an Indian song which is supposedly killer! then this is some Damn Kolaveri!
  • I think the word Kolaveri should be added to the English dictionary...
  • Not yet brushed my teeth but listening to this song! why? this kolaveri?
  • I'm a Pakistani and i'm in love with the lyrics (the english part which I understand). Thumbs up from my side!
  • I don't understand a single tamil word. (well... now except kolaveri...:p)...this is the first ever tamil song on my playlist are being played for the last 2 days..ON REPEAT....Love from Dhaka,Bangladesh..
  • Bombay radio stations are playing a tamil track for the first time ever...Kolaveri from "3" on air continuously!
  • Genius song... this is the best thing to come from mainstream Indian music industry in a long Long time..
  • Dhanush is international singer now
  • Succumbs to peer pressure. Cues up Kolaveri. Prepares to have mind blown!
  • I was trying to recollect a formula in the examination hall and the only thing that came to mind was "Pa pa pa ppaan-Pa pa pa ppan-Pa pa pa ppaan pa pa ppan"


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