We make films to the effect of a whole government chasing us: Kamal Haasan about RFKI & Tamil Cinema!

PUBLISHED DATE : 04/Jul/2019

We make films to the effect of a whole government chasing us: Kamal Haasan about RFKI & Tamil Cinema!

Actor Vikram's upcoming film Kadaram Kondan had its trailer launch last evening and Kamal Haasan's production banner Raaj Kamal Films International (RKFI) has conducted a small event for the same. Actor Kamal Haasan while speaking at the event made a special mention about the director of the film Rajesh M Selva. He said,

"Even though I knew what was happening on a day to day basis through the call-sheets, one of the main reasons I did not have any apprehensions (as a producer) is Rajesh. Instead of saying I trained him to be equipped to face any problems, it would be right to say through my own films Rajesh has witnessed the many problems (that one could face)..We make films to the extent of a whole government chasing after us..(referring to the Vishwaroopam controversy)"  


Kamal Haasan also spoke about the goals of his production company RKFI and why it is important for Tamil Cine Industry to have "film lovers" in the business rather than people who just have money. 


"Akshara was not born when I started RKFI. The company was started with the aim of seeing an event like today (where his daughter is now one of the faces of the film). It (RKFI) is not an Uber car for helping Kamal Haasan's career but a platform for realizing our dreams (with respect to cinema)..


Nasser and I often talk as to why we take it upon ourselves to propagate an interest for the Tamil language..We could simply come, do our business and go..Tamil cinema is not just business, it is a cultural trail..We cannot leave it just in the hands of business people.."


Kamal concluded, "People like Vaasan and Meiyappa Chettiyaar who have a hold on both content and business should come forward to make good films with responsibility and patience. It is not enough to only sigh at a movie like Avengers but instead we have to steer Tamil cinema to those standards..And validation for good cinema should come not only from people counting the money (meaning people in the film trade) but also the viewers. I am one such viewer with that responsibility which is why I am still running RKFI even after 45 years."


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