Dhruv Vikram thanks Vikram for 'giving him & making him' Adithya Varma

PUBLISHED DATE : 21/Jun/2019

Dhruv Vikram thanks Vikram for 'giving him & making him' Adithya Varma

In a belated Fathers' Day Wish for Vikram, his actor-son Dhruv Vikram who is all set to make his debut with Adithya Varma wrote a lengthy tribute highlighting the hurdles they went through, before making the project see the light of the day. To the uninitiated, when Vikram decided to star his son in the Tamil version of Arjun Reddy, it filmed as Varmaa with director Bala at the helm.

However post the completion of the film, dissatisfied producers decided to re-shoot the entire film and the project was revived as Adithya Varma with a new cast and crew. Recalling how Vikram stood by him through every inch of this difficult process, Dhruv wrote:



For showing up everyday, never giving up, always pushing me to do better, never allowing anyone to settle for less, keeping the vision alive, never losing sight of the bigger picture, never allowing me to lose hope, for giving me and making me ‘Adithya Varma’, leaving no stone unturned, for always having my back and for teaching me everything you have and continue to.

None of this would have been possible without you. Someone asked me where your name was in the teaser after he knew how much of yourself you gave for this film everyday... I said it’s right behind mine and everything I do. Belated happy Father’s Day Appa. I hope I do you proud.

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