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A Genuine Remake With A Promising Debut By Dhruv

Dhruv as Adithya holds an impressive debut. After all the hues and cries around this project, he delivers a pleasant performance. The charm and presence he has is promising. And in the film's very famous breakup scene or the interrogation sequence, he is fantastic and genuinely working as the character!(more)

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A well-made, if overtly faithful, remake with Adithya Varma.

The film is as intense as the original, with a lead performance that suggests that we might be witnessing the birth of a star. Dhruv Vikram comes up with a performance that apes Vijay Deverakonda's intense and raw act in the original note for note, but there is an assuredness and honesty here that makes us appreciate it rather than dismiss it just as mimicking.(more)

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Dhruv Vikram single-handedly powers Adhithya Varma to make it a worthy watch. The film will work better for those who have not seen the original.

The film could have been far better if it had made a few changes to the climax and were given more meticulous detail. But Dhruv Vikram showcases a monstrous performance, which is one reason that you need to watch this flick.(more)

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Dhruv shines with a top-class performance in this intense romantic drama!

Despite getting an 'A' certificate, the makers had to go for mutes on the cuss words and it impacts the intensity and rawness of the film. Adithya Varma is a very safe remake and if you liked the original, you will definitely enjoy this one as well.(more)

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A faithful remake in which Dhruv shines

Adithya Varma has proved that Dhruv is a super talented performer who can be the next chocolate boy of Tamil cinema.(more)

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Dhruv Vikram Impresses Big Time In This Perfect Remake!

Adithya Varma has the capability to impress everyone, particularly ones who haven't watched the original. At the same time, it is also a genuine remake, which has everything in it to satisfy the fans of the original.(more)

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Dhruv Vikram is earnest, sincere in this remake of Arjun Reddy

Adithya Varma is as lengthy as Arjun Reddy and it does get slightly restless in the second half, especially if you watched the original. But the performance of Dhruv Vikram really elevates the film even in the blandest sequences. Dhruv is a promising talent and no matter how Adithya Varma performs at the box office, he's here to stay and make a mark. Banita Sandhu as Meera is aptly cast and she really sells the vulnerability of her character quite convincingly.(more)

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A faithful 'Arjun Reddy' remake that retains its soul, but lacks conviction

The issue with Arjun Reddy was that Sandeep Vanga Reddy made his hero a tad sympathetic for his (re)actions. But then, who are we to judge these people? Shortly after the release of Million Dollar Baby, film critic Roger Ebert wrote an essay wherein he argued that film critics should not approach movies with their moral lenses on. How appropriate, I wonder.(more)

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Dhruv Vikram is faithful in Arjun Reddy remake

Adithya Varma is a faithful remake of Arjun Reddy with the soul of the film retained. With minor flaws and some great performances, Adithya Varma is a decent watch.(more)

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Dhruv Vikram Makes A Confident Debut In A Faithful, Competent, Well-Crafted Remake

And yet, why does the film remain at a distance for those who have seen one of the earlier versions? More than the familiarity, it's the lack of chemistry in the love story(more)



A star is born in this faithful remake

Go for this faithful remake that has a gutsy and arresting performance by Dhruv Vikram and a strong love story at its core.(more)

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Dhruv Vikram shines in this faithfully-remade problematic film

Tamil cinema's love for toxic romance continues with this Dhruv Vikram-starrer.(more)

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