Request Selvaraghavan to narrate his next script: Suriya at NGK Audio Launch

PUBLISHED DATE : 30/Apr/2019

Request Selvaraghavan to narrate his next script: Suriya at NGK Audio Launch

The highly anticipated trailer of Suriya-Selvaraghavan's upcoming movie NGK was launched last evening and the video has gained considerable amount of positive reactions from all around. The trailer along with the audio of the movie was launched at an event where the team revealed some interesting tid-bits about the film and otherwise.
Excerpts from their speeches here:

  • Lyricist Uma Devi: “When Selvaraghavan sir narrated the situation to me, I got reminded of Kannagi and Madhavi from the Tamil epic Silapathigaram. His female protagonists have always been bold, humane and different...Also, women in Selva sir's films go against the norms of society. You will see the same in NGK,”

  • Producer S.R. PrabhuThough Selvaraghavan sir first gave me the bound script, he, eventually, rewrote the entire script. As a crew, we took our own time, but the excitement surrounding the project never got reduced. I would like to thank Suriya fans for being extremely patient,”

  • Selvaraghavan"NGK was very difficult to work on and when SR Prabhu asked me who would be the right choice, I said Suriya..He's an excellent actor. Be it minute expressions, or anger or intense scenes; he surprises you..He's a director's artist...Sai Pallavi is an amazing actress. She is childlike and an extremely talented person. I didn't want to make Sai Pallavi dance because she has scored a lot in acting."

  • Suriya"There is a quote - Politics is a war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed. That's how I see NGK. It's not just a political drama or thriller. It is Selva's take on politics after the year 2000, his opinions and ideologies..


  • Suriya:  It was definitely a challenging character for Sai Pallavi. After the completion of certain shots, she would come and cry saying she could have performed better. She wouldn't be where she is now if not for the passion she has for cinema. I have a lot of respect for what she wants to do in front of the camera..


  • Suriya: I request Selva once again to narrate me his next script..He shared an idea during the dubbing process, It was impressive..Now, I'm waiting for him to finish the writing."


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