NGK will be both raw & commercial: Selvaraghavan reveals details of the Suriya starrer!

PUBLISHED DATE : 29/Apr/2019

NGK will be both raw & commercial: Selvaraghavan reveals details of the Suriya starrer!


Selvaraghavan directed NGK is gearing up for a highly awaited trailer and audio release later today and the director went on to answer a bunch of questions about the film on social media today. Selvaraghavan went live with Yuvan Shankar Raja from the U1 records office and gave out information about their upcoming film.
When questioned as to why Selvaraghavan who never titles his film after his lead character broke that rule, the director answered, "It just happened. The character (Suriya's) is powerful and I am very fond of the script..I thought everyone will like the title Nandha Gopala Kumaran." He further revealed that in NGK, Selvaraghavan has penned for a 'mini song' titled 'Polachaan'.

Since NGK is touted to be a political thriller, there were questions about what kind of political take has the film taken and how relevant will the film be to today's political climate. While Selvaraghvan confirmed the genre of the film, he did add, "Its (The film) is not take on today's politics, it's a film-makers decision of Indian politics and today's politics; it should be approached only as a script." He also attributed his first time directing a political thriller to be the 'special' element of the film.

"NGK is definitely a mixture of rawness (his signature style) and commercial elements. A normally movie may be wrapped up in 6 months or so but a movie of NGK's calibre will take its time..Particulary they (the fans) ask us (as to why the film was delayed)..May be it shows the love they have for us and they want to see the final outcome, I take it that way..", the director concluded.   

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