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A political drama that derails midway!

There is a streak of eccentricity in most of the characters. Surya does well but again we fail to get a wrap around the actual character of NGK. How does he actually achieve the things that he does? You can buy them in a hero glorifying vehicle but over here you demand justifications.(more)

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Suriya Is Absolutely Stunning In This Watchable Political Drama!

NGK definitely has one of the best performances of Suriya so far and it is a relishing sight to see this magnificent actor in full form. Selvaraghavan the director does come up with a decent movie, which has its own share of merits and demerits.(more)

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Overtly manipulative political thriller

NGK is an overtly manipulative political action drama in which Suriya shines but not the film! (more)

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Surya valiantly tries hard to inject life into a flaccid script that cannot decide if it wants to be a crowd-pleasing political fantasy or a grounded political drama.

If we end up enduring the two-and-a-half hours, it is mainly because of Suriya who gives it his all, acting the hell out during the actorly portions and playing to the gallery whenever he is required to turn on his charm.(more)

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An oddly-put together mash-up of a movie

NGK is Suriya trying his best to deliver a Selvaraghavan-ish performance when the director himself is trying to deliver a Shankar/Murugadoss-ish film. The results aren't exactly pleasing.(more)



NGK becomes a usual political drama but is watchable for Suriya's performance.

The plot here is wafer-thin, and Selva keeps mounting more tension on it till a point where it crumbles. That's what lets NGK down. A more trimmed film, with a tighter screenplay and novelties, would have made NGK far better than what it is.(more)

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Suriya Is Fantastically Earnest, But 'NGK' Is Selvaraghavan's Blandest Movie To Date

As the film builds to a familiar (and rushed) climax, all we are left with is a handful of nicely idiosyncratic touches.A few action moves, where we feel the impact of Kumaran's fury rather than just the pull of gravity. And that's it. The familiarity of the milieu is not the problem. When you watch Pudhupettai, you don't think of the hundred gangster films that came before it. Thematically and stylistically, the film felt like a genre's rebirth. NGK just feels like a rehash. (more)



Suriya holds Selvaraghavan's uneven and confused film together

The trouble with the narrative is that it is neither a Suriya entertainer nor a Selvaraghavan film. NGK ends up becoming a compromise film which is neither massy nor classy.(more)

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This Suriya starrer is an uneven political thriller

Despite all the hype, Suriya starrer NGK fails as a political thriller. NGK could have been darker but it not. Also, the film lacks cohesiveness and it is evident in its writing(more)

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Works to some extent, elevated by Suriya's performance

The political overtones, very much on the surface bits don't really work. But you can watch it for the rock solid performance by Suriya, and of course, for Selvaraghavan, who has directed his first 'mass' film with a star. (Dhanush and Karthi were relatively new then) When NGK ends, we cannot help but see the gap between what was promised in the trailer, and what was delivered finally.(more)

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Suriya struggles in vain to save his political blunder

The combo of director Selvaraghavan and Suriya is enough to excite us all. But, with incoherent screenplay and underwritten character, NGK is a colossal disappointment.(more)

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