Charlie Chaplin 2 Review - A 90s style comedy that is occasionally funny!

PUBLISHED DATE : 26/Jan/2019

Charlie Chaplin 2 Review - A 90s style comedy that is occasionally funny!


Charlie Chaplin 2 - A 90s style comedy that is occasionally funny!

Bharath Vijayakumar
Charlie Chaplin 2 starts with actor Siva's voice over introducing its primary characters and a couple of gags are funny. This did give a mild hope that Sakthi Chidambaram has probably tried to update and deliver to the current sensibilities of the audience. But such mild sparks disappear quickly. Charlie Chaplin 2 for the major part plays out like an outdated comedy. But even that is not its major problem. It is the performances that matter in a comedy. You do not laugh when you read about mistaken identity on paper. It is the situation and what the actors bring on screen that determines if something is going to be funny or not. The female leads in the film seem clueless as to what they are doing and even going by the already poor standards of lip sync for the heroines in many of our films, Charlie Chaplin 2 is a new low. Looks as though they kept repeating a cutesy rhyme throughout and all the dialogues were added during the dubbing.

The plot is about how the character played by Prabhudeva along with his friends keep finding innovative ways to screw up his impending wedding and then go on a mad rush to set things right. Truth be told, the film does lend itself to quite a few comic situations. The absurdity is the fun in these sort of films and there is no point in whining about logic. But it is the utter disregard to even try to have the basic requisites on screen that puts you off. For instance, the hero's father in an earlier scene asks him to find a girl to get married. And you know what, his gestures denote an hourglass figure when he utters the word 'girl'. Even Eugene Levy from the American Pie series might not make such a gesture when he speaks to his son. It is not about whether a father should talk to his son like that or not. It is just that this just comes on screen as a one-off case and not anything to do about establishing the father as a free spirited personality or his friend like bond with his son. Then there is another stretch about a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation scenario being mistaken for an intimate moment. Don't even get me going there. No one gives a sultry look after saving a life through this procedure. You can go on and on about all these (body shaming continues) but what is the point in stressing yourself to explain about a film that hardly makes an effort to lend itself any credibility. Prabhu Deva, Prabu, Vivek Prasanna and Ravi Maria do manage to tickle you a few times but there is hardly any stretch in the film that provides consistent laughter.

Bottomline: Funny at times but hardly packs a punch.

Rating: 2/5

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