After Mersal, is Tamizh Padam 2 in Animal Welfare Board trouble?

PUBLISHED DATE : 10/Jul/2018

After Mersal, is Tamizh Padam 2 in Animal Welfare Board trouble?


Not too long ago, the makers of Vijay starrer Mersal were indulged in some release-jeopardizing negotiations with the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), before finally agreeing to cut off some scenes to enable their film to hit theater screens. The tension at that time was reported to have stemmed from Mersal makers not taking prior permission from the AWBI to shoot a particular scene involving macaque, cockatoos, pigeons and snakes and when confronted, refusing to divulge details of suppliers of those animals. However, everything was sorted, when a edited version of Mersal was submitted for review and the AWBI awarded a no-objection certificate. 

Now, word has it that the makers of Tamizh Padam 2 faced a similar issue with the AWBI, with some scenes involving animals though the nature of objection remains unclear. And C.S. Amudhan's  declaration today that scenes featuring a bull and some cows, (that he released only yesterday as a part of the film's sneak peek) will no longer be a part of the film, only adds fuel to these murmurs. It is worth mentioning here that just like Mersal, this particular scene also contains dialogues over GST, though CBFC (which has already certified the film a clean U) seems more probable to have say on this than AWBI.

Also, AWBI which falls under the Central government ministry is no longer is headquartered at Chennai [shifted to Haryana after 56 years of functioning from the city] and the time procedure involved in issuing an NOC post re-submission of a film, could have left the makers with no choice but to delete the scene off the film.

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