Gautham Menon and Karthick Naren have an ugly spat over Naragasooran!

PUBLISHED DATE : 28/Mar/2018

Gautham Menon and Karthick Naren have an ugly spat over Naragasooran!


"Happy to be a chapter in the journey of a brilliant young filmmaker" was what Gautham Vasudev Menon wrote when he first announced his collaboration with D 16 director Karthick Naren, who had then swooned everyone with his film at just 21. Karthick on his part had said, "It used to be my aim to join his team as an assistant,..though he is part of my next film, I will always remain his fan boy!" To think that this mutual admiration club has turned into a publicly-spatting one is something, the fans are yet to come to terms with. 

All seemed well between the producer and director for when Naragasooran (the project the duo had collborated on) ended, Menon was all praises for Karthick. He had then tweeted, "41 days. Filming completed. And as per the plan. Great work Karthick Naren. Added advantage of being producer..I can see the film first! And can’t wait..." However, two days ago, Karthick who is still awaiting the release of Naragasooran but has begun work on his next project, sent out a cryptic tweet where he said,

Even before the speculations could begin, Gautham Menon confirmed the tweet was aimed at him when he sent out a equally dissing tweet of his own, which later met with a direct reply from Karthick. Given Naragasoon which is the second part of Karthick's thriller triology (first part being D 16) hasn't found a release date yet, the accusations levelled in the tweets and Gautham Menon's history with film delays, it is not too hard to guess what turned this relationship sour.

Further, a Tamil magazine quotes the two as having grievances for the following reasons.

Karthick Naren

  • Says Gautham Menon came in as a producer but did not invest any money. He brought in Badri Kasturi 2 days before the film took off and left all production-supervisions to him.
  • Alleges he had to invest his own money as the funding received for Naragasooran was invested in Menon's own directorials.
  • Says he has begun work on his third project Naadaga Medai only because of a creator's inability to remain idle for long. Adds he has no money to invest in Naadaga Medai as all that he earned from D 16 has been locked in Naragasooran.


Bottomline - Wants Menon to fulfil pending salaries and take immediate steps so that Naragasooran, which is ready for censor can be released.

Gautham Menon
  • Says he has invested Rs. 9 crore in Naragasooran.
  • Confirms salary is due for lead actor Arvind Swami, which if paid will lead to Arvind Swami dubbing for the film thus aiding the film's release.
  • Alleges Karthick Naren has never called him to speak about the same but also says there is no problem between Karthick and him.


Final Word - Says he cannot release a film just because Karthick Naren is feeling bad. He plans to release it at a time when the movie will stick in theatres for atleast more than 10 days.
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