Saattai not strong enough - Movie Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 23/Sep/2012

Saattai not strong enough - Movie Review

The Whip Is Not Strong Enough
by Bharath Vijayakumar

Saatai has two established directors associated with it. Prabhu Solomon is its producer while Samuthirakani play's its protagonist. You can then almost bet that the product is bound to be good. But despite its noble intention Saatai is a movie that does not leave you satisfied. There is a scene in the movie where Samuthirakani advices teachers to constantly update themselves with the current developments. This should also apply to film makers. Because, despite a good theme Saatai fails to deliver the goods because it looks like a movie caught in a time warp with its drama like storytelling.



Saatai is all about a government school in a village that is down in the dumps. The reason for its abysmal state is its teachers. Students seem to be their least priority. When a bold and upright physics teacher (Samuthirakani) comes to the school on transfer he sets to bring about a change for the betterment of the school. But things are not going to be easy as the rest of the teachers aren’t willing to cooperate with him. And there is this adolescent love that blossoms between two students. How Samuthirakani overcomes the odds is what Saatai is all about. Those of you who are familiar with the popular television series '7C' will notice striking similarities in Saatai, in particular the roles of the headmaster and the assistant headmaster.


Cast and Crew

Samuthirakani is the sole reason you can watch Saatai for. He presents a dignified picture and has played his role with earnestness. Thambi Ramiah evokes smile in certain scenes but also irritates at many places. It has got more to do with the characterisation than his performance. How on earth will a cunning villain plan to kill his nemesis on a public stage by stabbing him? It is such outdated scenes which bring Saatai down. The youngsters playing students are just about adequate. Junior Baliah is seen on screen after a while. The film has a limited cast and there isn’t much to complain about their performance. Similarly the technical team has done a decent job. Music is by Imman. If you are expecting melodies on the lines of Mynaa you are bound to be disappointed. The picturisation of the inter school cultural song is a sore point.


Just because Samuthirakani is the hero of the film what is the need to show almost all the other teachers in such bad light. The initial scenes do bring in a sense of anticipation as to how the hero is going to achieve his goals. But it happens all too easily. All he has to do is, speak a convincing dialogue and immediately the problem is solved.The film starts promisingly and just when monotony sets in there is an interesting episode leading to the interval. The second half however lets you down with cliché’s after cliché’s. The scene where Samuthirakani’s wife speaks proudly of him when he is struggling for his life makes you wonder whether he is a teacher or a police officer!



Director Anbazaghan’s intentions are noble.  But this ‘Saatai’ is not strong enough to leave a lasting impression.

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