Vikram's Thaandavam mired in controversies


Vikram's Thaandavam mired in controversies

Thaandavam Mired in Controversies

Thaandavam is mired in so many controversies that it is surprising to see how UTV has been keeping everything under the wraps and ensuring negative publicity don't take over. Thaandavam's first copy got ready during this week with GV Prakash completing the BGM. The movie is now ready to go to censors next week. But, there appears to be still some unsettled problems (not counting Thaandavam title issue which was already ruled in UTV's favour a few weeks ago).


Is Thaandavam's Story Stolen?

Director Radha Mohan's Assistant Ponnuswamy, who went to the courts claiming that Thaandavam team plagiarized/stole the story that the he had narrated to Vikram and UTV Dhananjayan in a private sitting last year. Recently, Director Ameer through Director council got involved since he doesn't prefer cinema related problems to go to courts. Ameer's team tried to validate if there is any truth by requesting for a special projection that was set up last week. The projection was attended by Ameer along with a few other council members, UTV representatives and Asst. Director who had filed the complaint. There was apparently some similarities especially related to scenes involving the blind Vikram taking revenge. Ameer tried to settle it amicably out-of-court with the Assistant Director. But, the Assistant Director, who is no mood to back down appears to have returned with more vigor pointing out more specific points about the similarities. It is still unclear whether this issue is fully settled at this point.


Rumour - Did Thaandavam lose some footage? 

Another news that hit the wire today is that some vital footage shot in London went missing which Director Vijay has refused as untrue. We believe that this is a rumour since Editor Antony had also tweeted last week that he had finished the editing for Thaandavam within just 5 days. Also, the projection was also held after Editor Anthony handed over the edited version (without BGM). This footage news appears to be a rumour if we connect the dots.


Thaandavam non-committal about announcing the exact release date

As a result of all these controversies and doubts, Thaandavam advertisements are non-committal by announcing the movie will release "2 weeks from now" without clearly committing the exact date. With Chiyaan Vikam fans lying low and luke-warm response for music album, UTV is figuring out ways to get the buzz level up in Tamil and Telugu.

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