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Vikram is one reason why you might want to watch Thandavam

Nirav Shah�s cinematography is par excellence. The scenes are rich and locations look picturesque. G.V.Prakash Kumar has produced some melodious songs but including them all has made the film lengthy. (more)

Source: Raven, MovieCrow


It is Vikram and him alone who diverts your attention from the film's little logical script flaws and spellbinds you with an endearing act that is Thaandavam's biggest strength.

Technically, it is AL Vijay's best film. On the downside, logical loopholes are quite obvious. The London police is made to look like a set of idiots. The film is a tad too long at 156 minutes, and at times taxes the viewer's patience especially the Roja like village wedding scenes.(more)

Source: Movie Buzz, Sify.com


Good performance, slow narration and mildly engaging

Thaandavam is slick in terms of camera work, locations, a novel idea (echolocation), costumes and performance but is let down by slow narration, weak engrossing quotient, doddering screen play and a flimsy plot.(more)

Source: Editorial Board, Behindwoods.com


Another feather in Vikram's hat.

Thaandavam has it's good sides and it's bad ones. While the attempt to make this kind of cinema is interesting, the execution could have brought a much better experience to Tamil cinema. And right now, it just puts too much weight on Vikram's shoulders, and our man can't do the job all by himself. (more)

Source: Movie Reviewer, IndiaGlitz.com


A perfect long revenge saga.

Touted to be an unusual revenge story, Vijay hands over the reins of the film to Vikram who handles it with precision and elan to produce a performance worth a standing ovation. However, what could've been a slick thriller of the kind never seen before is jeopardised due to an extended running time ...(more)

Source: Editorial Board, NDTV Movies


This dance of fury is a damp squib with no logic; go with extremely low expectations.

Director A L Vijay has been quoted as saying that he read the script of a blind man exacting revenge to Vikram, and though the star liked it, he said it lacked logic. Vijay promised to re-work the script. If Thandavam (UTV Motion Pictures) is the re-worked, logical, script, then one shudders to thin...(more)

Source: Pavithra Srinivasan, Rediff.com


Thaandavam is a seriously interesting affair

Technically, Nirav Shah's cinematography is sharp. GV Prakash Kumar's 'Oru Paadhi Kadhav...' and 'Uyirin uyire...' songs are good. Editor Anthony's scissors could have been sharper to reduce the length of the movie.(more)

Source: Ramchander, One India


Director Vijay misses some steps; with a faster pace, this Thaandavam could have made much more impact.

The problem is that the director seems undecided whether to make a thriller or a romance, and the movie ends up being neither. The first half starts off with a couple of killings and a murder investigation, but then moves on to an extended flashback involving the marriage of and subsequent relations...(more)

Source: N Venkateswaran, Times Of India

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No. Song Title Lyric Writer Performer(s) Listen here
1 “Yaaradi Mohini” Na. Muthukumar Rahul Nambiar, Megha
2 “Oru Paadhi Kadhavu” Na. Muthukumar Haricharan, Vandana Srinivasan
3 “Will you be there” Alyssa, Maria
4 “Adhigaalai Pookkal” Na. Muthukumar GV Prakash Kumar
5 “Uyirin Uyire” Na. Muthukumar Saindhavi, Sathya Prakash, GV Prakash Kumar
6 “Anicham Poovazhagi” Na. Muthukumar GV Prakash Kumar, Chinna Ponnu, Velmurugan
7 “A Poem for you” GV Prakash Kumar
8 “Shiva Thaandavam” Na. Muthukumar S.P.Balasubramanian