Veera Sivaji Songs - Music Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 02/Sep/2016

Veera Sivaji Songs - Music Review

Veera Sivaji Songs - Music Review

Veera Sivaji is an upcoming Tamil film directed by Ganesh Vinayak with Vikram Prabhu as a lead. Imman scores the music for the flick and the crew released three songs as a single. Let's check out whether Imman sticks to his routine signature tracks or experimented with the songs


Thaarumaaru Thakkalisoru: Thaarumaaru ThakkaliSoru's tune sounds functional and barely interesting with Sathyaprakash's Kazoo solos and fabulous bass line by Keba Jeremiah being the only solace in an otherwise tepid track. Rokesh's lyrics rides once again on gimmicky word play with minimum shelf time. The other version by Deepak also fails to elevate the level of the song barring Deepak's slightly better singing.


Adada: In Adada, Imman brings back his stock tune which the composer abundantly used in his previous soundtracks and adorned it with pleasant orchestration dominated by Seenu's wonderful spirited usage of santoor, Banjo and other plucked instruments. Karthik Iyer rules the interludes with his violin solo while Sriram Parthasarathy and Shreya Goshal sounds delightful as always.


Soppana Sundari: Soppana Sundari is easily the highlight of the album with adequately engaging faux-qawwali orchestration by Chennai Rhythm section and Kishore's Sitar solos along with Manonmani's Sarangi rules the interludes. Vaikom Vijayalakshmi sails through the tune effortlessly with her idiosyncratic vocals.


Thavazhndhidum Thangapoove: Thavazhndhidum Thangapoove's semi-classical tune is gorgeous especially in Bombay Jayashree's vocals and although rhythm section hinders the flow of the song, vocals, classical solo violins by Raghav and Nathan's woodwinds in the interludes along with Aravi's vocals make this one worthy listen in the album.


One Man show theme: One Man show theme music is barely engaging one which fails to create any impact and sounds jarring at some places. Overall weak theme track which fails to clasp the listeners even though the theme track lasts for two minutes.


Verdict: Veera Sivaji, functional soundtrack from Imman salvaged by impressive arrangements and superlative singing in couple of songs.


Rating: 2.5/5

Picks of the Album: Soppana Sundari, Thavazhndhidum Thangapoove, Adada 

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