Sridhar Tamil Movie Review


Sridhar Tamil Movie Review

Sridhar Movie Review 

 by Arun

Homour & realism filled first half and dragging yet engaging second half make it a strictly average outing for this dubbed version of the Telugu film “Oh My Friend”.


There are some interesting sub-plots involving career choices, romance and father-son relationship. Sridhar(Siddharth) disobeys his father’s idea of becoming an MBA and wants to become a rock-star. Siri (Shruti) wants to be a dancer and has clarity towards her life unlike Siddharth. They have their own aspirations and priorities in life. Romance cross their respective lives, their partners mistake their friendship for love and even their parents do. How they convince people around about their friendship and how Sridhar succeeds in life as well in convincing his father is the crux of the film.


First Half Analysis

The childhood school sequence where Siri (Shruti) and Sridhar (Siddharth) meet and become friends is shown in a cute, entertaining manner filled with realism. Their friendship grows on towards their teenage years. Sridhar (Siddharth) falls in love with Hansika (Ritu) at first sight. Though the scene is presented in a clichéd manner, the following sequences are filled with humor. Some scenes are presented well and the dialogues are a plus in the first half. The transition to a rock-star could have been presented with some depth. If you overlook certain flaws, the first half would be moderately appealing with its homour and good performances. 


Second Half Analysis

The second though engaging drags a wee bit. There are some sequences which are convincing like Sridhar and Shruti questioned by their respective partners about their “relationship” status. There are lengthy dialogues at some points which could have been trimmed. Also the repetitive kissing sequences between the lead characters (Siddharth and Hansika) could have been done away with. 

The dialogues which the father character speaks are largely natural and in tune with the given situation. There is a song where Siddharth thinks about their friendship which is appropriate. The second half drags from the point they go to the Cochin ride and till the climax. The logic goes for a toss when the leads go to Kerala.


The songs lack appeal and could have been better.Natpukillai Ellai sung by Simbu is in tune with the situation. A rock song “En Dadi Pocket” was just ok with convincing picturisation. In the first half, song sequences appear in a flash and are a bit too long. Other songs were passable and were enhanced partly by picturisation.


  • Shruti Hassan as Siri is natural throughout, but at times she is over the top. Shruti is also largely expressive in the intense sequences. 
  • Hansika shines in a matured performance which is largely different from her previous bubbly roles. She messes up a bit in a scene where Siddharth proposes his love to her in a glass-house.
  • Navdeep is wasted in a short role, but shines whenever opportunity is presented.
  • Tanikella Bharani as Sridhar’s father gives an impressive performance.
  • Siddharth is decent in certain sequences during the first half, though his expressions need a bit honing during serious sequences. He is a natural in scenes where he goes for rock-star auditions and his conversations with his lover.
  • The child artistes deserve recognition for their effortless acting performances.


The film has its touching moments. a slicker version would have worked better. For a movie based on love and friendship, the songs should have been much better. The lengthy dialogues and predictable sequences could have been avoided. 


Rating - 2.5 Out of 5

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