Fan outrage against Suhasini's comments and Anegan on Sun TV

PUBLISHED DATE : 13/Apr/2015

Fan outrage against Suhasini's comments and Anegan on Sun TV

Public outrage -- Qualified Reviewers for OK Kanmani and Anegan Premiere on Sun TV

Two outrage broke-out this weekend for completely different reasons. One was against Suhasini's comments during OK Kanmani audio success meet and another against Sun TV premiere of Anegan on TV.

"Only qualified reviewers should review OK Kanmani"

For the first time in career, Mani Ratnam is seen explicitly promoting the movie, giving interviews and attending audio success meets. There is a sense of desperation after 2 successive high profile failures -- Raavan and Kadal. Suhasini Mani Ratnam, who is known for speaking her mind with no filters, got caught in yet another 'foot in mouth' situation. Suhasini appears to be still sore from scathing online reviews received for Raavan and Kadal. She took the opportunity to go after social media reviewers by saying whoever capable of using a mouse has become a reviewer these days and requested only the qualified reviewers to review 'OK Kanmani'. Suhasini's comment has led to unanimous negative reactions as seen from twitter timelines and facebook posts. What a poor choice of words by Suhasini who ended up antagonizing a large group of fans ahead of OK Kanmani release.


Anegan's TV Release on Sun TV

Dhanush fans were upset with Sun TV for premiering Anegan even while the movie is still successfully running in a number of screens across Tamil Nadu. Dhanush who was visibly upset had to step in to pacify his fans who were demanding the premiere to be stopped. Sun TV is wrongly blamed by fans since the Sun TV is desperately fighting to stem its eroding viewership to Vijay TV. The fans' anger was misdirected at Sun TV even though the key beneficiary was the movie's producer, AGS, who allowed the release within short span of time in exchange for a few extra Crores.


One of the concerned Producer council members felt that AGS short-sighted decision sends a bad precedence for other producers and more importantly a wrong signal to the general public who is already facing a lot of inertia to watch movies in big screen. If this trend of popular movies premiering on TV within 2 months become well established, there is a concern that family audience and general public may decide to wait a bit longer to watch at home rather than going to the theatres.

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