Nanban Preview - SWOT Analysis

PUBLISHED DATE : 11/Jan/2012

Nanban Preview - SWOT Analysis

Nanban Preview - SWOT Analysis

There are three mandatory things that should happen for Nanban to become a Blockbuster. If all these three happen, Nanban is sure to become your friend,

  • Nanban should be a laugh riot in the theatre. Audience should be rolling on the floor laughing for some of the scenes involving Silencer/Sathiyan
  • There are a couple of important friendship scenes where audience should be moved to tears out of "Negizhchi" (Shankar does that extremely well in most of his movies, hope he can continue to do it here in Nanban)
  • After a few minutes into the movie, the audience should stop comparing against the scenes from 3 Idiots or Aamir Khan acting, etc. Reviewers and viewers should talk about the individual merits of the movie without getting into the comparison mode of analyzing what worked and what did not work with respect to the original version.

  • Vijay
  • Shankar's strong conviction to do this movie after delvering a massive grosser 'Endhiran' and his impressive track record of 9 out of 9.
  • The trailer for Nanban is a huge success and created curiosity even among the naysayers.
  • The casting also seems perfect. The chemistry between Vijay, Jiiva, Srikanth and other key characters is obvious both on screen and off-screen. Sathyaraj essays the infamous 'Virus' role and looks every bit the menacing professor. Ileana looks charming.
  • Harris' music and songs have been received very well among general public (even though one may hear some grumblings from Industry folks) 

  • The script is not original and is the remake of the hugely successful '3 idiots'. Most youth population in metros have already watched the original and hence comparisons are bound to happen.
  • The movie will not have the kind of grandeur and graphics expected in a Shankar movie except for "Asku Laska" song

  • Releasing ahead of the long Pongal weekend guarantees massive opening.
  • Shankar and Vijay are expected to bring all segments of audiences to the theater.

  • Running length of 3 Hours 7 minutes...Seriously?
  • Vettai is releasing 2 days after Nanban. If Vettai gets unanimous positive word of mouth and Nanban doesn't create a strong buzz, weekend movie watching audience may decide to shift their focus to Vettai. 
  • Mass fans may not have enough opportunities to create an euphoric mood in theatres  due to lack of punch-dialogues and hair-rising stunts.

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