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Must watch for all

With sky high expectations to replicate '3 Idiots' success without deviating too much from the original while keeping the content fresh is a tight-rope walk for any director. Congratulations to Shankar, Vijay and rest of the team for successfully delivering big time on the promise. (more)

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Nanban is entertaining

On the whole, Nanban easily ranks amongst Vijay and Shankar's finest films. It's emotional, it's entertaining, it's enlightening. The film has tremendous youth appeal and feel-good factor to work in a big way. (more)

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It is a feel good breezy entertainer.

In the end, Nanban is an engaging film with noble intentions. It deserves viewing because films like this are hard to find. (more)

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‘Nanban’ will surely attract the youth crowd.

‘Nanban’ is definitely a special treat for both Shankar and Vijay’s fans, and a wholesome entertainment for everyone who loves good cinema! (more)

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Nanban is a must-watch.

It’s Nanban-da, so thumbs up for it this Pongal! (more)

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All is absolutely well!

Nanban has got more than something for everyone. It is very unlikely that a person finds such a wholesome package unsatisfying.(more)

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Nanban is worth a watch

And yet, it offers hope, and the promise of everything turning out good in the end. It's perfect feel-good fare. And Vijay is at his best. Worth a watch. (more)

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Nanban offers good entertainer for universal audiences and carries a strong message. Hats off to the list of creative minds behind the story and Shankar’s ability to do justice to the original version.(more)

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Same tale with three new idiots

Plainly put, Nanban will not break any records. It takes too many leaves from the 3 Idiots book. It may a make a lot of money, but it will be forgotten. Verdict - Laugh and forget.(more)

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Nanban is Good!!!

Nanban is Rajkumar Hirani's 3 idiots staged and presented by Shankar in a different language with grandeur. The base material is solid and Shankar obediently traces it. Out comes an uplifting entertainer that will draw raves from viewers of all kinds.(more)

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Nanban:A Friend in Need

Without any doubt, Nanban will be a hit but its fate to become a Mega Hit and then a Blockbuster is now completely depends on (the Screenplay and Output of) Vettai.(more)

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An engaging trio!

Gutsy is the epithet that comes to mind when you think of director Shankar. And the best part is his experiments pay off. Like Nanban has. (more)

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Nanban is a must watch; grab your tickets now

It’s the best gift Vijay could have given to his diehard fans this Pongal.(more)

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Nanban several notches below 3 Idiots.

Nanban disappoints even in performances: while Vijay is no patch on Aamir Khan (who plays the rebel who becomes a scientist in the original), Ileana D’Cruz who plays Vijay’s screen lover, the part Kareena Kapoor did in Hindi, and Srikanth stepping in for Madhavan are unimpressive. Which leaves Nanban several notches below 3 Idiots. (more)

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Perfect Casting

All is well with "Nanban" because Shankar's retelling of "3 Idiots" retains its soul and has its heart in the right place. (more)

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Vijay gets that Shankar makeover

Nevertheless, it’s a feel-good film with a larger message and a brilliant feat by Vijay which makes the film a not-to-be-missed one!(more)

Source: Anupama Subramanian, Deccan Chronicle


A satisfying Pongal fare.

A sweet and satisfying Pongal fare, ‘Nanban’s’ feel good flavour will linger on even after one leaves the theatre.(more)

Source: Malini Mannath, Indian Express


இந்தியக் கல்வி முறையை 'மாத்தி யோசி’க்கச் சொல்லும் நம்ம 'நண்பன்

ஒரிஜினாலிட்டி மாறாமல் செதுக்கி இருப்பதில் படம் முழுக்கப் பளிச்சிடுகிறது ஷங்கரின் அக்கறை.நிஜமாகவே மாறுபட்ட விஜய். குறும்பு கொப்பளிக்கும் ஸ்மார்ட் மாணவன் பாரிவேந்தனாகப் பிரமாதம் பண்ணுகிறார். 'அவனா நீ?’ என்று கிண்டல் வாங்கி, அனுயாவிடம் அறை வாங்கி, நண்பர்களிடம் உதை வாங்கி, இமேஜை எல்லாம் உடைத்து நடிகனாக மிளிரும்போது... வெல்டன் விஜய்!(more)

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