Enakkul Oruvan Songs - Music Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 08/Sep/2014

Enakkul Oruvan Songs - Music Review

Enakkul Oruvan Music Review 

Akilan Nagarajan -  Reviewpuram


Singer :Siddharth | Lyrics : Muthamil

Trippy club music. Siddharth’s rusty voice is apt for the EDM-based tune. The celebrity in him has been reflected very well through the vocals and lyrics. The drop is deceiving, and this makes the number very unpredictable and mysterious. Sure to win over the discotheques for the next few months.



Singer :Santhosh Narayanan | Lyrics : Ganesh Kumar Krish

Santhosh gets to the borderline between the heavy of western, and the heavy of ours. A very menacing folk number, rendered by Santhosh himself. Will hold its stand as one of the most colourful solos of the year.


3.Poo AvizhumPozhudhil

Singer : Pradeep Kumar | Lyrics : Vivek

Ventures into new, tranquilizing grounds, usually heard in the Blues, along with traditional sounds of our time. A very soothing number on the whole.Pradeep Kumar gets another good track to boast of in a Santhosh Narayanan album.



Singer :ManickaVinayagam | Lyrics : Muthamil

ManickaVinayagam has a field day, start to end. Rootsy tune, which retains its energy throughout, at the perfect dose required for expressing the feelings featured in the lyrics.



Singer :DhibuNinan Thomas | Lyrics : Vivek

A calming number that progresses at the right pace, with the magic actually happening behind the vocals in the form of some brilliant minimalist orchestration. The loop in the background gets the "hazy" nature of the subject spot-on! Brings the album to a magical end...



Santhosh Narayanan gets the right “high”with his songs, for a film revolving around a drug pill. He once again displays his inveterate habit of holding the script above anything else while composing the tunes. The songs would have already enveloped one in slow poison, and by the time you get to the karaoke tracks towards the end, you should feel it. The music is as layered as the subject of the film.


Rating : 7/10

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