Vaayai Moodi Pesavum Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 25/Apr/2014

Vaayai Moodi Pesavum Review

Vaayai Moodi Pesavum  – Refreshingly Original and Crazy 
Bharath Vijayakumar

Today short films provide a breeding ground for tomorrow's filmmakers. Balaji Mohan was probably the first filmmaker who made a successful mainstream debut after gaining recognition through his short films. Vaayai Moodi Pesavum (VMP) is a very important film considering it is probably the first 2nd film for a director who came through from the short film scene. Both the teaser and the trailer of the film were intriguing and seemed to promise a veritable fare. Will Vaayai Moodi Pesavum actually leave people talking about the film. Read on to find.


VMP is centered around a crazy and unlikely scenario of what would happen if people were to lose their voices. The director has cleverly chosen a fictitious small town by the name Panimalai thereby making us suspend our disbelief. The film moves around interesting characters in this town whose lives are altered in one way or the other by this ‘dumb flu’.



People familiar with Malayalam movies like Ustad Hotel should be knowing that Dulqer Salman is an able performer. This son of legendary actor Mamooty makes a breezy debut in Tamil. The young man is charming and is at ease throughout the film. He is instantly likeable and connects with the audience. The film has a pack of unique characterizations. ‘Robot’ Shankar evokes spontaneous laughter with his portrayal as the leader of the ‘drunkard’s association’ (Yes you read it right!!!). Pandiarajan is delightful as the irresponsible Health Minister. Nazriya plays a normal youngster of today who is at the crossroads in her romantic life. Madhubala making a comeback is all grace on the screen. Arjunan as Dulqer’s friend who is innocent and yet mouths foul language unknowingly is a scream.


Technical team:

VMP has a neat look about it. Soundararajan’s visuals are soothing as the camera covers the exotic locales of the hill station. Even the houses of Panimalai have been designed with careful thought. Though they do not look alien there is definitely a touch of uniqueness about them that goes well with the fictitious nature of the town. Sean Roldan’s music is pleasant and youthful. The BGM in comedy films can sometimes be irritating but in VPM it gels so well. 



Balaji Mohan has to be credited for trying to showcase something that is refreshingly original. The humour for the most part works out really well. The restriction of creative freedom in films, the way media uses the animosity between two groups for it’s survival and some more contemporary topics have been spoofed upon brilliantly. The scroll news that runs at the bottom of the news channel itself has so much of laughs packed in. A major portion of the second half has no dialogues. The film focuses more on romance and emotions in this half. You cannot deny that you might feel a little impatient at times. But even that feeling is short lived as you still have the jokes coming, though lesser in frequency compared to the first half. You just feel the film might have been more conducive for a second watch had it been shorter by 10 minutes.



VMP is a refreshingly original attempt at clean humour. This crazy attempt from Balaji Mohan definitely warrants the support of fans who want different type of films to hit our screens more consistently.



Rating : 3.25/5

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