Dolly Chaiwala credits South Movies for style in viral Bill Gates video

PUBLISHED DATE : 01/Mar/2024

Dolly Chaiwala credits South Movies for style in viral Bill Gates video

Tech Billionaire Bill Gates is currently on a visit to India, and on February 28, 2024 he posted a video to his Instagram handle where Bill Gates was seen waiting for tea from a private vendor. This video went viral in no time raking National interest in the tea vendor, who happened to be 'Dolly Chaiwala', a social media influencer from Nagpur.



Dolly Chaiwala was flown to Hyderabad to shoot the video with Bill Gates, and post the sensation the video had created, Bill Gates told NDTV in an interview, "I don't consider myself the best judge of 'Chai' (Indian tea) but it was fantastic. It was a beautiful view of Hyderabad in the morning and they told me they brought a great tea wala guy in. And he (Dolly Chaiwala) was very photogenic. So that was fun."  


Dolly Chaiwala is back at his roadside stall in Nagpur, making Instagram reels and tea for his customers. Surrounded by National media interest, Dolly Chaiwala told ANI in an interview, "I had absolutely no idea that he was Bill Gates. I was under the impression that he (Bill Gates) is a guy from a foreign country and I had to serve him tea, so I served him tea...The next day when I came back to Nagpur is when I realized 'Dolly this is who you have served tea to'.  He said 'Wow Dolly's chai' (after drinking the tea made). We didn't have any conversation. He was standing beside me waiting for the tea to be made and as soon as it was done, I handed it to him."



On his work style and the swag seen in the viral Bill Gates vide, Dolly Chaiwala said, "There is no "adaptation" to my style. I simply copied. I've learnt only from the South (Indian) movies that I usually see...I would want to serve tea to Prime Minister Narendra Modi next...I feel very proud that I have served tea to big man like Bill Gates...I simply wish to keep serving tea to people, smile all day and make people smile as well. This is all I want to keep laughing and make people laugh."

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